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How to Take up a Hobby and Take Dollars Off

It’s never too early to start your baby or child on an interesting hobby. From painting and drawing to making model airplanes and cars to collecting stamps or stickers — the possibilities are endless! Maybe you want to teach your child how to crochet, knit, or sew. Cooking is another fun hobby that kids can get into with the help of a parent. For the nature lover, a fish tank is a fun way to explore a hobby and have a pet. There are just too many hobby possibilities to count!

I keep a crafting and hobby cabinet in my daughter’s room and always stock it full of fun and inspiring items like glitter glue, paper, colored pencils, stickers, and all the favorite materials she likes to use to create. Right now, she’s really into making posters and pictures to hang all over her room and the fridge. Sometimes I think I have a future artist on my hands!

Here are some ways you can shop for hobby and crafting supplies for your kids without spending too much money. That means you’ll be able to buy them even more stuff or let them explore multiple new hobbies with all of your saved money at favorite stores like Michaels and much more.

How to Get Cash Back on Hobby Items

Whenever you shop for your hobby and crafting supplies, remember to shop through Ebates to save money on everything your kid wants to have a rich hobby life. When you shop through Ebates, you’ll automatically get a percentage back of each dollar you spend on every eligible order you place. This Cash Back is tracked in your Ebates account. Just wait and see how quickly it adds up!

Ebates also offers promo and coupon codes that you can enter at checkout when you’re shopping to apply them to your order. Find extra discounts on hobby supplies and free shipping deals from top craft stores.

Clearance and Sale Sections

Shopping sale sections and looking for clearance items are some of my favorite ways to save money at stores like HobbyTron or Jo-Ann Fabrics. New items are always being added to these sections, so you never know what great hobby and craft items you can find that you weren’t even looking for. This is a great way to get inspired by something that will cost you next to nothing. When other promotions (like a sitewide extra percentage off sale) apply to these sections, you know you’re getting the best of the best prices.

Stock-Up Sales

Watch for those sales where things are either buy one, get one free or you get an extra discount for buying in bulk. I call these “stock-up sales” because I can get the most items for the lowest price. When these sales roll around, take advantage of them to stock up on the stuff you go through the most when it comes to the hobbies and interests of your kids, like crayons, and paints from Crayola, building blocks from LEGO, and whatever you need for whatever hobby your little one is into.

Store Credit Card Savings and Other Rewards Perks

Most stores these days offer some sort of rewards or loyalty program for their most frequent shoppers — and even for infrequent shoppers! If you have a favorite online store that you love to shop at for your hobby and crafting needs, consider opening a store credit card with them so you can take advantage of all the perks that go with one. As a cardholder, you’ll get exclusive access to sales, extra discounts, and other bonuses. Target gives REDcard shoppers 5% off all orders placed with the card, which can really add up over time to amount to big savings.If a particular store doesn’t offer a credit card, they may have a rewards card or discount card club. Join these clubs to save!

Lots of stores also offer special money-saving perks if you sign up to receive their email newsletter. I love signing up for these newsletters and emails from my favorite stores, not only for the initial discount perk, which can sometimes be 25% off my entire first order, but because then it’s so easy for me to stay in the loop about all the sales and promotions that I wouldn’t want to miss. I look forward to getting special discounts and promotions emailed to me periodically throughout the year.
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