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Learn to Save Big on Kids’ Educational Toys

Educational toys are a must-have for babies and toddlers, who are constantly and rapidly growing and developing. Not only will these toys entertain your kids, but they will also provide them with the valuable mental kickstart that they need for increased learning and productivity throughout school and for further success as adults. From interactive puzzles and books to fun science toys and art supplies, you can find all the educational toys you need and want for your kids at the best, lowest prices when you shop at one of the stores listed on Ebates. Combine multiple sales and promotions to save money, all while earning Cash Back through Ebates. With these low prices, amazing products, and super special deals, there’s no doubt that you’ll be the smartest shopper on the block.

Luckily for me, my kids automatically gravitate towards the educational toys section without any kind of parental prodding. They love fun things like books about sea creatures and grow-your-own-crystals kits, and my eldest daughter has been obsessed with puzzles recently. I love knowing that playtime isn’t just about having fun — my kids are learning while they play!

Here’s some valuable information for you about how to shop for the best deals on educational toys through Ebates.

How to Get Cash Back on Educational Toys

Whenever you shop for your educational toys, it’s best to shop through Ebates. When you shop through Ebates, you’ll earn a percentage in Cash Back on every eligible order you make. The percentages you can earn are always changing, and at certain times of the year, you can get double Cash Back or even more. Be sure to always check to see what the Cash Back percentage is at your favorite store before you shop so that you can really maximize your savings.

You can also find really great promo and coupon codes at Ebates for your favorite stores. Enter these codes when you check out to apply them to your order for even more savings, all while earning Cash Back at Ebates.

When it comes to finding the best educational toys to jumpstart your child’s future, you don’t need to dip into their college fund. Simply do your shopping through Ebates and take advantage of fantastic sales, special prices and discounts, promo and coupon codes, and, of course, Cash Back earned on all of your eligible orders.

Shop Seasonal Sales

When it comes to kids’ stuff, the back-to-school season is famous for having the best sales. This is when you can find top brands and products on sale, often with additional bonus discounts and free shipping promotions. This is also a good time of year to start your holiday gift shopping. It may seem like it’s too early, but I assure you that getting everything out of the way now and at the best prices of the season will really take the stress out of the holidays and help your budget go further elsewhere.

Check Clearance Sections

I always check to see what toys are in the clearance section at stores like Toys R Us, Fisher Price, or other big name stores that I know carry a decent selection of toys. This allows me to get more educational toys for my kids without having to factor in the extra money since the prices are so good. Some of my kids’ favorite puzzles have come from the clearance sections of different stores.

Store Card and Reward Perks

Most stores these days offer some sort of rewards or loyalty program for frequent shoppers. If you have a store you love to shop at, consider opening a store credit card. As a cardholder, you’ll be given access to special sales, extra discounts, and even rewards points earned for every dollar you spend that you can later cash in for store gift cards. Target gives REDcard shoppers 5% off all orders placed with the card, which can really add up over time to amount to big savings.

Often, you can get 10% or 15% off your first order just by signing up for an email newsletter from a store. You’ll then be able to stay in the loop about all the sales, and you’ll get special discounts and promotions emailed to you periodically throughout the year. I’m always getting emails from my favorite online stores offering me extra percentages off with coupon codes and giving me a head’s up about limited time sales where I can really save. Sign up and you have nothing to lose, and savings to gain.
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