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The Ultimate Guide to Super Deals on Kids’ Costumes

This Halloween, your kids can be the best dressed little princesses or ghastly ghouls on the block, and you’ll have so much extra money left over to order their favorite candy, festive decorations, and other fun holiday items when you shop the featured stores on Ebates, earn your Cash Back, and find scary-good deals on all things costumes.

Costumes aren’t just fun for trick-or-treating on Halloween. My kids are constantly playing dress-up and using their imaginations to create wild new worlds and exciting adventures. Adding costumes to the mix allows them to get even more creative and have more fun in their lands of make-believe. When I shop for my kids’ costumes at top stores through Ebates, I always find amazing sales and can usually get extra discounts using promo codes so I can really stretch my budget as far as it will go. And it’s always great to earn Cash Back from Ebates on all of my costume orders.

Here’s how you can transform your kids’ Halloween celebration or daily playtime adventures into something magical without watching your checking account disappear into thin air.

Earn Cash Back From Ebates

Before you buy any costumes, make sure that you shop through Ebates. This will ensure that you get your Cash Back from Ebates, which — trust me — you’ll certainly want. For every eligible order you place, you’ll earn a percentage of that amount back. This means that you’ll basically be earning money while you shop and save via Ebates. This Cash Back will automatically be calculated and added to your Ebates account after you have placed your order. There’s nothing else you need to do to receive your earnings. The percentage that you get back changes from time to time, and there are special promotions where stores offer bonus percentages back, so always watch to find the best deals at your favorite stores.

Promo Codes

Ebates offers incredible coupon codes that you can use for extra discounts on all of your costumes and costume accessories like wigs, makeup, and props. Find these codes on the Ebates store page for your selected store and see what hot savings you can get. All of the current sales and promotions going on at the store can be seen on the Ebates store page as well, so you’ll always be able to conveniently stay in the know and quickly learn about deals and sales events.

Check back often to see what new sales, promotions, and deals you can find at these stores.

After-Holiday Sales

While costumes aren’t just for Halloween, that seems to be the best time to find the biggest selection of them readily available at top stores like Target, Walmart, and others. If your kids are like mine and like to dress up all throughout the year, then taking advantage of the after-Halloween sales is a cost-effective way to stock up and save on a variety of costumes, accessories, and props. This is the time of year when all the costumes that didn’t sell that season are marked down with incredible discounts. I’ve seen them at up to an incredible 90% off! Some stores put their costumes on sale the day before Halloween, or even a week earlier in an attempt to move the most merchandise. Keep an eye out for sales around this time of year so you can stock up on costumes for your kids. Shop early to make sure you get the sizes you need and to get the best selection of costumes before everything sells out.

Specialty Store Sales

There are stores that sell costumes year round. For example, The Disney Store always has Disney-themed character costumes available, as well as general prince, princess, and animal costumes. Shopping the sales section or waiting for sales and promotions to run are the best ways to save the most money on costumes. My daughter loves the princess costumes at The Disney Store, so I’m always looking out for new sales and special promotions on the costumes and accessories to keep her costume collection fun and exciting. And don’t forget about the clearance sections!

Deck out your little princess or tiny cowboy on a budget when you shop sales, earn Cash Back from Ebates, and take advantage of after-Halloween savings to stock up on the cutest, prettiest, scariest, and funniest costumes around. You’ll be saving money while encouraging fun and imaginative playtime, which is priceless for the entertainment and mental stimulation of your kids.
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