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Cash Back Terms

  • $112.50 Cash Back when you purchase U-verse Internet, U-verse TV, U-verse Voice in one order
  • $75 Cash Back when you purchase U-verse TV + U-verse Internet in one order
  • $75 Cash Back when you purchase U-verse Internet + U-verse Voice in one order
  • $37.50 Cash Back per item (U-verse Internet, U-verse TV, U-verse Voice)

Exclusions: Cash Back is not available on non U-verse products, AT&T Wireless plans and AT&T Business.

Special Terms: Cash Back is only available on U-verse products. Cash Back is paid by Ebates, not AT&T U-Verse.

Cash Back Facts

Ebates Members have been cashing in since 1999. Here's what members have earned so far from AT&T TV + Internet:

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AT&T TV + Internet > AT&T U-Verse Sets The Standard For Savings

AT&T U-Verse Sets The Standard For Savings

Phone, Internet, and cable are three things that you want to have but don’t want to think about. They should be affordable, reliable, and convenient. With AT&T U-Verse, you’ll get affordable and reliable services, all from one convenient place, with one convenient monthly bill. AT&T is a trusted name in the industry, so you know you’re getting good services. Having just one monthly bill to worry about is so incredibly convenient. I couldn’t ask for more from my AT&T U-Verse account.

If you haven’t already made the switch over to these guys, I highly recommend you do. You’ll get so many great perks as a new customer, all of which I mention below. Keep reading to learn how you can get the best in telecommunications services and save money at the same time.

Cash Back at Ebates

With Cash Back available at Ebates, you’ll earn Cash Back with every service you sign up for at the AT&T U-Verse website when you shop through Ebates. With Ebates Cash Back, you’ll be able to earn a percentage back from every dollar you spend at AT&T. These money-back earnings come in the form of Cash Back at Ebates. These earnings are automatically deposited into your Ebates account after you place your order. You can cash these rewards in later for real money that you can spend wherever you want. You’ll be earning money and saving money on all of your telecommunications needs.

Bundle and Save Big

The more you buy at AT&T U-Verse, the more you’ll save. Customers who get all of their services (phone, Internet, and cable) through U-Verse tend to save so much more than customers who go with two or even three different companies to get their telecommunications services. AT&T also provides perks to shoppers who bundle services by offering extra money back in the form of gift cards or special contract pricing that lasts for your first year or sometimes even two years as a customer. You’ll get really competitive pricing on single services, too, so even if you don’t bundle, you’ll be getting great rates. That said, bundling is the way to go.

Get Special Rates for 6 Months to a Year or Longer

AT&T U-Verse offers special promotional rates on services throughout the year. You can get your Internet at half price for your first 12 months, or cable at a discount for 6 months. Always check with AT&T to see what special rates they’re currently offering for new customers or old customers who are adding new services. While your rates may jump after that introductory period, the money you save during that period will average your bill out in the long run so that you’ll still be receiving a great rate. Contact customer service at AT&T to find out more details about special rate pricing.

Get Rewards Cards

AT&T provides tons of rewards cards to new customers. You can score Visa gift cards that you can redeem anywhere Visa cards are accepted, just for signing up for new AT&T service with U-Verse. These cards can be for $100 or even $150, depending on what you sign up for and the length of the contract you select. It’s nice to get this money when you sign up for a new service to offset the cost of the service you’re about to receive. Luckily, with AT&T U-Verse, your new bill will end up being lower than it would be anywhere else for the service you’ll receive, especially if you choose to bundle a lot of services into one bill. Speaking of bundles…

AT&T TV & Internet Promo and Coupon Codes

Before you sign up for any new telecommunications services, always check out the AT&T TV & Internet page through Ebates to discover the latest promo codes, coupon codes, and sale information. You never know what amazing savings you’ll find here, and it’s a really convenient way to see what the latest and greatest sales and promotions are, all in one place. These codes can be for anything from extra discounts on new services to bonus discounts for existing or new customers, promo codes for getting Visa rewards cards, and so many other great deals. Redeem these promo and coupon codes when you shop to get all the extra savings and Cash Back at Ebates. The coupon codes are always changing, so check every time you shop to see what’s new from AT&T U-Verse and Ebates.

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