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    Find the perfect laptop, tablet, desktop and computer accessories from the best name brands at discounted prices. Find great deals with coupons and sales on printers, printer ink, monitors, PCs, notebooks and new software from large retailers and specialty stores. Whether you need an upgrade or a whole new system, find the latest in innovative technology and software to fit all your computing needs with Cash Back at Ebates.

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    3.0% Shop Now
    3.0% Shop Now
    1.0% Shop Now
    5.0% Shop Now
    ABBYY 15.0% Shop Now
    Abt Electronics 2.0% Shop Now
    Acer 2.0% Shop Now
    Acronis Up to 27.5% was up to 25.0% Shop Now
    Adorama 1.0% Shop Now
    Alienware 2.0% Shop Now
    Amazon Up to 7.0% was 0.0% Shop Now
    App Store 7.0% Shop Now
    Apple Canada No Discount Shop Now
    Apple Small Business No Discount Shop Now
    Apple Store No Discount Shop Now
    Arrow Direct 3.0% Shop Now
    AT&T U-Verse Up to $300.00 was up to $75.00 Shop Now
    AT&T Wireless Up to $150.00 Shop Now
    Autodesk Up to 12.5% Shop Now
    AVG Antivirus Up to 12.5% Shop Now
    Barnes and Noble 1.0% Shop Now
    BenQ 2.0% Shop Now
    Best Buy 1.0% Shop Now
    BJ's 1.0% Shop Now
    BlackBerry 1.0% Shop Now
    BLINQ Up to 3.0% Shop Now
    Bluehost $10.00 Shop Now
    Blurb 1.0% Shop Now
    Boardwalk Buy 5.0% Shop Now 2.5% Shop Now Up to 7.5% Shop Now
    Cameta Camera 2.5% Shop Now
    Canon 2.5% Shop Now
    Carbonite 7.5% Shop Now
    cloudswave 20.0% Shop Now
    CompAndSave 7.5% Shop Now
    Corel Up to 11.25% Shop Now
    CowBoom 1.5% Shop Now
    Crutchfield 2.0% Shop Now
    Deep Discount 3.0% Shop Now
    Defender 4.0% Shop Now
    Dell Canada 2.0% Shop Now
    Dell Consumer 2.0% Shop Now
    Dell Small Business 2.0% Shop Now
    Easy Canvas Prints 6.0% Shop Now
    eBatts 6.0% Shop Now
    eBay Up to 5.0% was 0.0% Shop Now
    eBooks 4.0% Shop Now
    Electrohome 4.0% Shop Now
    Encore 7.5% Shop Now
    Epson Store 2.0% Shop Now
    ESET 12.5% Shop Now
    Fingerhut 2.0% Shop Now
    Flash Steals 3.5% Shop Now
    Flexshopper 2.0% Shop Now
    Fluance 4.0% Shop Now
    FreedomPop $5.00 Shop Now
    Fujitsu 3.5% Shop Now
    GameStop Up to 2.5% Shop Now
    Gazelle 3.5% Shop Now
    GUNNAR Optiks 5.0% Shop Now
    Heartland America 3.5% Shop Now
    Howard Store Up to 3.5% Shop Now 3.0% Shop Now
    HSN 6.0% was 3.0% Shop Now
    iCracked 4.0% Shop Now Up to 14.5% Shop Now
    Intuit Online Payroll Up to $22.50 Shop Now
    Intuit QuickBooks Desktop Up to 7.5% Shop Now
    Intuit QuickBooks Online Up to $7.50 Shop Now
    iolo technologies 20.0% Shop Now
    JemJem 1.5% Shop Now 3.0% Shop Now
    Laptop Battery Express 5.0% Shop Now
    Lenovo 3.0% Shop Now
    Lenovo Canada 2.0% Shop Now
    Levana 4.0% Shop Now
    Logitech 2.0% Shop Now
    Lorex Technology 3.0% Shop Now 12.0% was 10.0% Shop Now
    M-GO Up to 2.5% Shop Now
    MacMall 2.0% Shop Now
    MacPaw 25.0% Shop Now
    Malwarebytes 15.0% Shop Now
    McAfee 12.5% Shop Now 3.5% Shop Now
    Microsoft Canada Store Up to 5.0% Shop Now
    Microsoft Store Up to 5.0% Shop Now
    MiniInTheBox 4.0% Shop Now
    Monoprice 5.0% was 1.0% Shop Now
    Motorola Mobility 2.0% Shop Now
    Mwave 1.5% Shop Now
    MYHABIT Coupons Only Shop Now
    Newegg 1.0% Shop Now
    Newegg Business 1.5% Shop Now
    Newegg Canada 1.0% Shop Now
    NeweggFlash 1.0% Shop Now
    Norton by Symantec Up to 20.0% Shop Now
    Novastor Up to 15.0% Shop Now
    Nuance 10.0% Shop Now
    NuTrend Automotive 3.5% Shop Now
    Nyrius 4.0% Shop Now
    Office Depot® and OfficeMax® 2.0% Shop Now 4.0% was 2.0% Shop Now
    PC Rush 1.5% Shop Now
    PCM 1.5% Shop Now
    Philips 3.0% Shop Now
    Pimsleur Language Program 7.5% Shop Now
    Proporta US 5.0% Shop Now
    Punch CAD 7.5% Shop Now
    Punch! Software 7.5% Shop Now
    PureVPN 12.5% Shop Now 1.0% Shop Now 2.5% Shop Now 5.0% Shop Now 3.0% Shop Now
    Sam's Club 1.5% Shop Now
    Samsung 2.0% Shop Now
    Sears 3.0% Shop Now
    Shaw Academy 22.5% Shop Now
    Sony Store No Discount Shop Now
    Speck 2.5% Shop Now
    Staples 2.0% Shop Now
    STOPzilla 25.0% Shop Now
    SugarSync $7.50 Shop Now
    Super Media Store 1.5% Shop Now
    Target 2.0% Shop Now
    Tech for Less 3.5% Shop Now
    TechRabbit 2.0% Shop Now
    TextNow 7.5% Shop Now
    ThinkGeek 2.5% Shop Now
    Tiger Direct 1.0% Shop Now
    Tiger Direct Canada 1.5% Shop Now 3.0% Shop Now 5.0% Shop Now
    Toshiba Direct 2.5% Shop Now
    Trend Micro 10.0% Shop Now
    TurboTax 7.5% Shop Now
    TurboTax Canada 7.5% Shop Now
    US Cellular Up to $30.00 Shop Now
    Verizon Up to $150.00 Shop Now
    VMware 5.0% Shop Now
    Walmart 1.0% Shop Now
    Yahoo! Web Hosting $3.00 Shop Now
    Yugster 3.0% Shop Now
    ZAGG invisibleSHIELD 7.5% Shop Now
    123Inkjets Up to 16.0% Shop Now 2.0% Shop Now
    4inkjets Up to 14.0% Shop Now
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