Win a HP Desktop Computer!

Our friends at HP are giving one lucky Ebates fan a powerful new desktop computer to help make 2014 a tech savvy year. The adjustable 23 inch HD screen is designed to work and play the most natural way, the responsive 10-point touchscreen lets you get the most out of Windows 8, & the powerful Intel® Core™ processor delivers the speed and responsiveness to keep up with your most demanding tasks

HP Giveaway


  1. This would be a great win! Having SO much trouble w/ my outdated PC :(

  2. Sherri Gehringer says:

    I could really use this! Thank you HP & Ebates! You rock!

  3. Yay HP!

  4. I could really use this!!

  5. Not familiar with Windows 8 but would love the opportunity to teach an old dog a new trick!

  6. Eleni Vasilopoulos says:

    would love this

  7. I need a desktop computer for my kids to use for home school.

  8. Count me in… sure could use a new one! My PC is over 10 yrs. old.

  9. Rose-Ann Clements says:

    WOW! It would be really great if I won this! TY!

  10. I would love this to be my xmas gift!

  11. I would love to bless my friend with this. Her Dell just died and I was telling her how much we love our HP all-in-one. If I won this, I would completely shock her this Christmas.

  12. Alyson Kovac says:

    Boy could my family use this. four kids in school…this would help so much.

  13. My kids would love this!!

  14. Sah-weet! :) I got an empty office desk that could use some company.

  15. Tamara Davidson says:

    I would love to win this for my hubby! He needs a new computer badly!

  16. Would love to have this! Thank you for the chance.

  17. Noreen Plantz says:

    My Desk top is so old I can’t use it any more. I use my iPad 2, but there are a lot of things I can’t do on it.

  18. I have always used HP computers, even have a Surface RT now! Would love to say I won
    this awesome computer!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  19. Traci Pawley says:

    I would love a new computer, My three year old daughter has taken over my lap top!!!!!

  20. I’ve been an HP desktop user since the beginning of time (1992). I love the brand and all the features. My PC is about 5 yrs old. I don’t know if its because its old and outdated or because its broken or whatever but its very slow, it crashes often, and doesn’t do whatever is supposed to do.
    I would love to win this pc. Thanks for the chance.

  21. Count me in. I am a big fan of HP. My PC is older than me.

  22. My computer just crashed!! A free one would be awesome!!

  23. Awesome!

  24. Would Love to win a new computer. Mine is starting to sounds like it could blow up any time now.

  25. George Davison says:

    Would love this for my wife… but out of my budget! Hers is on it’s last leg and she uses it a lot for our small business.

  26. That would make an amazing gift for my youngest daughter she is the only one who doesn’t have her own computer.

  27. Awesome! That is a great giveaway. :)

  28. i love it!

  29. tamra gibson says:

    I don’t think I could put in words how much I could use this. Since I have become disabled I tend to use a computer a lot through the day. None of my computer parts cam from the same manufacturer and I am always having problems. I must be honest and say I know this is not a necessity and I’m sure there is someone out there that needs this way more than I do but I would really be super excited to win. This is one of the few things I really would like in my life right now I usually don’t get or request things for myself. Thank you for this chance and I hope I don’t offend anyone but Merry Christmas

  30. Would be a wonderful way to update from my older and slow laptop!

  31. Just switched from an Apple to Windows phone and so far, very pleased. My laptop on the other hand, is on the verge of being tossed out the window. I would love a new Windows home computer, have been wanting one for a while, just out of budget.

  32. would love a windopws 8desktop -alternate e-mail address is

  33. i would love a windows 8 desktop

  34. Dorinna Wren says:

    would love to win for my mom

  35. I really like HP computers. Love the touchscreen! HP has provided great customer support for me too!

  36. Roxanne Merrow says:

    Oh pleeeaaassssseee!!!❤️Ebates!

  37. This is AWESOME!!

  38. lynn anderson says:

    I would love one. HP.

  39. Would really like to win this HP computer. Thanks for the chance!!

  40. I could really use this!!!

  41. This would make a fantastic gift!

  42. I would so love this! Mine is ready to go to recycling heaven!

  43. This would b amazing

  44. Crossing my fingers!!

  45. Can I win?

  46. Would love this since we are needing a new one – love HP!

  47. patricia caradonna says:

    I would love to win this desktop computer. My computer is a hand-me-down…

  48. Really NICE!

  49. I would love to win this because i do not have a computer at all, so this would help out tremendously

  50. Yes please! My desktop is so old!

  51. Free lol yea right

  52. Would love to win this! Thanks Ebates!

  53. this would be a great win, I really could use a new one,I’v already had mine fixed 3 or 4 times this year :)

  54. I am a member of ebates. I can use a new computer.

  55. Love windows!

  56. Johney Ragoobir says:

    Would love touch screen desktop computer

  57. I could really use this for my homework for school……:))

  58. brendagail777 says:

    I would love to win this for my son! Thanks for the chance to enter to win!

  59. I would really love this computer to shop on Ebates,love it!!

  60. Can I do some code on this!!!

  61. Working from home would be a lot easier with a new HP computer, especially since I already had mine go out on me before.

  62. I would really like this for my son. He is the best son in the world and could really use this, unfortunately I cannot afford one for him for christmas.

  63. I could really use this. I have two kids, one in college and one a freshman in high school that could really benefit from one.

  64. Hipolito Bautista says:

    seems great I wish to win something from you thank!!!!!.

  65. Love HP, and this would be perfect timing as we are in need of a new computer!

  66. I would really like to win this computer because I can’t afford one at this moment. Special because this is my first year in college and I’m paying my own college. Their is so meany homework to do. It’s so hard to keep up without a computer, special when you work full time.

  67. my teens would love it

  68. This would be a great gift to my sister who just completed grad school and is having to use an outdated, slow, slow computer to search for jobs!

  69. I would love to win this for our homeschool!

  70. Monica Bonds says:

    Beautiful pc! I could SOOOO use this!!

  71. Leslie Chavis says:

    I could really use this. It would really eliminate some arguing between my daughter and I, since mine is on the blink.

  72. I would love to have this computer, my desktop crashed :-(.

  73. This would be great for my new business!

  74. Janice C. In NY says:

    I could really use a new computer. My current computer is so very old and tired! Thanks for the opportunity!

  75. Kathy Tillman says:

    Would love to replace my old Hp with this!

  76. This would be great for my husband who was recently diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. He has spent a lot of time in “his” chair and this would give him an opportunity to be able to go online, view movies, stay in touch with family, etc. Thank u for the chance to be considered for this laptop.

  77. A new computer would be awesome. Mine is ready for life support.

  78. Perfect timing! Love it!

  79. Wow! This would be awesome.

  80. Imani Williams says:

    This would be great for the kids!

  81. Michelle Halloran says:

    Our computer at our house just recently went to the Blue Screen of Death, this would be perfect!!

  82. ericka coello says:

    I don’t know how to enter or when this giveaway ends but I don’t want to miss the chance to win it

  83. I would love to win this HP Touch computer

  84. Laura Russell says:

    Wishes to everyone in the world HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND A AWESOME NEW YEAR love this computer am wishing for it

  85. raquel perez says:

    awesome could really use this!! thanks for the chance to win!

  86. I would love to win this computer!

  87. I’d love to replace this 8 year old computer I’m using.

  88. Judy Thompson says:

    Just turned 66 yesterday and there was no Christmas gifts or B- Day gifts everyone with no money this would be great to Win a late b-day and Christmas gift all together <3 thanks for the Chance anyways .. nothing like trying <3

  89. OMG I think I would cry if I won this! I am crossing my fingers!! :)

  90. This would be for my husband if I won. He isn’t PC savvy and this would be so much easier for him to handle his iTunes library and photos instead of going to our daughters house to have her put his pictures in her PC. (I won’t let him touch mine).
    Thanks HP, this is the only brand we’ve bought in desk tops and Laptops.

  91. This would be for my husband if I won. He isn’t PC savvy and this would be so much easier for him to handle his iTunes library and photos instead of going to our daughters house to have her put his pictures in her PC. (I won’t let him touch mine).
    Thanks HP, this is the only brand we’ve bought in desk tops and Laptops.

  92. Good luck to all! Happy New Year!!

  93. I spend the majority of my day on the PC; this would really help me in all of my daily tasts; it would make them so much quicker and easier.

  94. Allison Taylor says:

    Love HP and Ebates!

  95. HP would be creating a tech savvy “nana” and show the world that nanas everywhere can
    manage demanding tasks by just using their finger tips!

  96. Michelle Stewart says:

    This would be GREAT for my high schoolers!

  97. I am not sure how to enter to win this computer but it would come in handy at my house. I homeschool my autistic son and this would be a great help. The Laptop we use is 7 years old. The battery is dying and it is very very slow.

  98. My husband needs a laptop, this would be great!

  99. I would really love this

  100. i could use this for school

  101. count me in!

  102. Oh my daughter could really use this for school

  103. I would love to win this computer…Thank you for the opportunity.

  104. Starting my dissertation and a reliable computer would help!

  105. i really need this desktop. would love to win this

  106. desktop would really help me and family.

  107. I in my 59 years of life have never owned a computer. this would be such a darling gift for me to receive. I will feel so blessed

  108. I bought my kids laptops for Christmas (using Ebates, of course!) and would love this computer for me as a belated Christmas present.

  109. Thank you for the chance

  110. Debbie Clem says:

    This would be a great way to start the new year!

  111. My laptop is dying, a new computer wuld be a great help!

  112. I would love to win this for my DH. His computer is even older than mine…


  114. WOW! This would be awesome. Ours desperately needs replaced.

  115. WOW…I would love to win this HP. It would allow me to browse Ebates and be a wiz at surfing the net for deals!

  116. Shannon Weekley says:

    Pick me! Pick me! My desktop is just about shot and my daughters could really use a new one for school. Need I even mention how many more coupons I could print with a faster pc?

  117. Would really love a great desktop again!!!

  118. Deborah Parsons says:

    My computer is 6 years old and on it’s last legs. This would be an awesome replacement.

  119. Janet Blum says:

    I know everyone would love this computer but I have nothing but trouble with mine so of course I feel that I would be so incredibly & unbelievable lucky to win. I never seem to win contests & I would be absolutely positively thrilled!!! Please consider me as I would use it for home & business and it would make me SOOOO HAPPY!! Mine is quite old & all I do is fight with it; it’s beyond frustrating. So I can only say that although I never win contests, this would be such a blessing. Thank you for the opportunity!

  120. I would love to own a new computer. I have a computer that I bought in 1/2006 that is on its last leg. I am currently studying for the CPA exam, and if this one goes I don’t know what I will do.

  121. I will do my best to always remember to do my online shopping through ebates.

    I would really love to win this computer for myself so I can complete my last three classes and move on to my next degree.

  122. Barbara Milligan says:

    It would sure make shopping on Ebates more fun! Thanks Ebates for being there for us!

  123. Karen Padin says:

    My son could really use that for homework. Not only for homework too, he’s working on becoming an Eagle Scout and they have to do a lot of work on the computer to work on their merit badges. What a wonderful surprise his birthday is coming up too!

  124. Debra Cordi says:

    So glad I found you guys! I love Ebates!! Winning HP would be AWESOME!

  125. I have always bought HP computers and I know how wonderful they are, but it has been a few years since I purchased my laptop and I could use new HP laptop for all of my home and work activities.

  126. my computer broke and I am in dire need of a new computer and I’m on disability so I can’t afford one…..

  127. Would love a new computer! HP has always been a great system for me!

  128. I can finally get some school work done without having to go to the library for a computer.

  129. I would love to win this. It would help me in my new online store.

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