Warm up and win a Keurig Mini Plus Brewer!

The cooler weather has arrived and we have decided to warm you up with a great Keurig Mini Plus Brewer. These compact machines brew individual cups of delicious coffee to keep you warm and wake you up.

Keurig brewer


Entry is simple: leave us a comment right here letting us know how you take your coffee!

This giveaway is open through October 11, 2013. Winners must be at least 18 years old, reside in the United States, and be members of Ebates.com


  1. I’d love to win this! Thank you!

  2. I have my coffee with cream and one sugar

  3. Would love this for my tea and coffee…both black! Thanks

  4. Kayla Starrett says:

    I take my coffee with lots of flavored creamer!

  5. I my coffee with cream and sugar

  6. I love coffee. I usually take it plain, though sometimes I add Splenda. This Keurig brewer looks fabulous!

  7. I need my coffee with sugar and cream!

  8. Denise Anderson says:

    Black or with a lil hot cocoa mixed in.

  9. Heather USA says:

    I take my coffee hot with milk or homemade and iced with french vanilla or seasonal creamers πŸ˜€

  10. I take my coffee with almond milk!

  11. Michelle C. says:

    With flavored creamer

  12. This brewer looks nice! I like my coffee with milk & sugar.

  13. I take my coffee with a little cream and sugar! :)

  14. Would love to win this! I like my coffee dark with room for cream and 3 packets of sugar!

  15. black!

  16. I like my coffee how I like my men, sweet and blond. πŸ˜‰

  17. Hazelnut creamer & sugar

  18. My favorite is a hazelnut latte.

  19. sweet & strong!

  20. Sweet, creamy and fully loaded.

  21. Rose-Ann Clements says:

    I take my coffee with stevia and almond milk.

  22. amy williams says:

    8 creams and 2 splendas (or any kind of flavored creamer)

  23. I like it with pumpkin spice creamer! Mmmm

  24. Cream & sugar, please πŸ˜‰

  25. I love my coffee with cream and sugar!

  26. I like mine flavored!

  27. I my coffee with cream and sugar!!!!!!

  28. Creamer, and sometimes a bit of sugar. Depends on the coffee, but I always always want cream/creamer! Yum, coffee!

  29. Kelli Sawyer says:

    I take my coffee with lots of flavored Vanilla creamer! :)

  30. Margaret Tokonitz says:

    with flavored creamers

  31. I take a little coffee with my cream. :) Which is why I would love this mini plus brewer!

  32. Hazelnut Creamer

  33. Heather Speaks says:

    I like mine with Torani syrup and a little cream

  34. MichelleNS says:

    I like my coffee…..iced!

  35. I prefer my coffee as is… black with no sugar/sweeteners πŸ˜€

  36. Laura Miller says:

    I need this…we just brought home baby #4!!!

  37. I take my coffee with cream and agave nectar. :)

  38. teresa harvey says:

    Medium to strong with touch of cream and sugar for me

  39. Ashley Mellone says:

    I don’t drink Coffee but Tea and black :)

  40. I would love one of these! I’m still using a drip coffee maker! Haven’t quite made it into the 21st century! I like my coffee dark roasted w/stevia & flavored creamer.

  41. Karen Byrd says:

    Cream and sugar please. Love it!

  42. Karen Cogburn says:

    Flavored creamers

  43. Christy Fralin says:

    Sweet and flavored :)

  44. Strong with a healthy dose of cream.

  45. would love to win one!!!

  46. I like my coffee with half and half no sugar would love to win this!

  47. Michele L Swanson says:

    I take it a little sweet with cream…this machine is so cool!

  48. love mine with flavored creamer.

  49. Light and sweet with pumpkin flavoring!

  50. Most of the time I take my cuppa joe black but sometimes I like to add some coconut milk creamer.

  51. Charisse Nilles says:

    I like my coffee over ice!

  52. I like my coffee with creamer!

  53. melissa roberts says:

    i like my coffee with cream and sugar
    I have hear great things about these coffee makers and would love to have one…it is on my christmas wish list for sure :)

  54. The coffee in our house is black like the night!

  55. I like my hot coffee with a vanilla flavored creamer…. mmmmm

  56. Nicole Walkowiak says:

    My hubby would be sooooo thrilled with this!!

  57. Black and strong, that is how I take my coffee!

  58. Nicole Stotts says:

    I take my coffee with sugar & hazelnut creamer!

  59. A little cream and little sugar

  60. Joana Rush says:

    Light & Sweet!!

  61. I take it with a little whole milk in it, no sugar.

  62. Mary Powers says:

    I like my coffee with dark chocolate almond milk.

  63. With cream!

  64. Christine A. says:

    A dash of agave nectar and splash of organic milk, does just the trick for the best cup of joe around.

  65. I love the Gevalia K cups that have the froth! mmmm

  66. Cream and sugar all the way!

  67. Lots of cream, no sugar. Or some unhealthy non-dairy creamer, but I try not to use that too much. : )

  68. I take my coffee with Equal and sugar free creamer. Yum!

  69. With Flavored Cream!

  70. Delicious!

  71. Carol McClintock says:

    I take my coffee with cream Please! Thank You.

  72. I love my coffee with cream and sugar!

  73. BLACK……

  74. I take my coffee with 1 cream and 2 sugars.

  75. I take my coffee black.

  76. Debra Shaver says:

    Strong with a splash of flavored creamer.

  77. No coffee for me.. but I do love tea with sugar and hot chocolate with a dash of vanilla.

  78. I take mine with lots of flavored cream

  79. I like my coffee with sugar free French Vanilla creamer and 1 Truvia! Thank you for the opportunity to win a super cute Keurig!!

  80. I love chocolate protein powder in my coffee or hazelnut syrup. Yummy, yummy!

  81. Christine Williams says:

    Half coded, half hot chocolate.

  82. love my coffee…just enough Hal and half to change the color….yummmmm

  83. I take mine with a bit of cream and a touch of sugar! Awesome giveaway, thank you!

  84. Christine Williams says:

    Half coffee, half hot chocolate.

  85. Sweetnlow creamer

  86. Frances Riccobono says:

    I take my coffee with two sugars and half and half. Would love to win this! Thank you!

  87. Julia Long says:

    I have been a member of ebates for over 2 years! I LOVE ebates!!!!!!!

  88. Lots and lots of french vanilla creamer!!

  89. I like my coffee 2 ways only .. either totally black ..or either very strong , very sweet and very creamy.. nothing in between those 2 extremes.

  90. Nancy Hignite says:

    Love it need one bad!!!!

  91. David Hogan says:

    I take mine with NO sugar and just LOTS of pumpkin pie spice flavored creamer! The absolute best, especially during the cold fall weather here in Portland, OR :)

  92. Becky Budd Knopp says:

    Hot black and medium brew

  93. Emy Barsley says:

    Sometimes back, sometimes with milk, sometime with milk and sugar. It all depending my mood:) that’s why keurig is perfect for me!

  94. Jennifer Shaw says:

    Medium blend with ice, 2 scoops of vanilla protein powder, and a splash of half and half!
    Yummy goodness packed with protein!

  95. I take coffee black and little weak to enjoy the taste.

  96. With lots of hazelnut creamer!

  97. I take my coffee light and sweet :)

  98. Joy Murphy says:

    I would love this in any color

  99. Fran DeGregoria says:

    I take my coffee with French vanilla creamer usually….

  100. Marie Fink says:

    Just Black!!

  101. Karen Hall says:

    I take my coffee decaffeinated with cream and a little sugar :)

  102. Cream & sugar, please!

  103. Jena donofrio says:

    I Want sooo bad!!

  104. eva phillip says:


  105. Shannen Berry says:

    I take my coffee with lots of vanilla almond milk and sugar and hold the milk, I’m lactose intolerant!:-)

  106. dark roast with milk

  107. Doug Miller says:

    Love it hot, fresh and black!

  108. Kathleen Liddick says:

    Lots of French Vanilla creamer and sugar !

  109. Kathy Baldwin says:

    black with sugar

  110. A little milk and raw sugar

  111. If it’s good coffee… Black! Otherwise a little cream and a little sugar :)

  112. Hannah Laura says:

    I am a bit of a coffee snob. I like lattes with york peppermint patty coffee creamer! YUM!

  113. Kris Hackett says:

    I have to have York Peppermint Patty Creamer!!

  114. Scott Elliott says:

    I drink mine with a little bit of stevia in it. Would love to win one of these for my son and his soon to be wife as a wedding gift.

  115. black with sweetner

  116. Linda Irby says:

    I take my coffee with half and half and sometimes with caramel creamer. I love my Keurig! Any kind of donut house/shop coffee is what kind I like. :-)

  117. Vanessa Konopacki says:

    i brew it over ice to make ice coffee with milk and sugar

  118. Lisa Unger says:

    I love coffee my favorite creamer is caramel machioto, i drink coffee all day, would love this one

  119. Tara Moffitt says:

    Sugar Free Creamer!

  120. Sharon A Ouderkirk says:

    Like to try out all the Fall flavors of creamers!

  121. Right now I am into everything pumpkin spice – coffee, creamer, syrup, etc. Love it!

  122. bruce wood says:

    Creme Brule creamer and Splenda for me!

  123. Cream and sugar

  124. miss natalie wallace says:

    milk and sugar

  125. I take my coffee hot & black, one cup @ at time!

  126. black

  127. I take my coffe eith cream and sugar.

  128. Barbara Mayes says:

    I love my coffee, strong, with creamer and sugar! Starts my day off right!

  129. justine. ward says:

    I take my coffee with creamer and one sweet and low.

  130. Michele Covington says:

    Sugar and vanilla creamer

  131. Melanie Snyder says:

    I love my coffee hot or iced. I prefer light and slightly sweet!

  132. I like mine black.

  133. Kelly Lebo says:

    Love cappachino especially this time of year with pumpkin spice.

  134. Amy Collins says:

    black tea with milk and sugar!

  135. I love flavored coffee with cream and sugar!!!!!!!

  136. Kris Osborn Leibrand says:

    Would love to have one of these for hot cider or hot chocolate!

  137. Amy Robinson-Brammer says:

    My days start with at least 3 K-cups of Donut House Collection Chocolate Glazed Donut, Folgers Caramel Drizzle or a combo of both…I alternate between International Delight or BAILEYS Coffee Creamers for added sweetness without adding sugar. I love Keurig !!!

  138. I would love to win one .I love coffee .it smells so good ..love Wendy thank you

  139. Nancy Hewko says:

    I would really, really love to win on of these Mini
    Brewers. I love my coffee with flavored creamer.

  140. laura veytia says:

    I love my coffee with Hazelnut or another flavored creamer, I use Truvia as a sweetner when possible. what a great giveaway.

  141. A splash of cream and a spot of sugar, all day everyday!

  142. Jennifer K says:

    Skim milk & sugar :)

  143. Flavoured creamer.

  144. Barbara Sliman says:

    I have to have my 2 cups in the am with 2 spoons of sugar. Love my coffee!!

  145. Eileen Ochsner says:

    Milk and lots of sugar

  146. Adrienne Corcoran says:

    Black with cinnamon.

  147. no sugar light cream – sometimes with some baileys, Yum

  148. depends on my mood, black, cream and sugar, flavored syrups…..I just like coffee!

  149. I love mild & sweet coffee ~ every morning! :)

  150. Larry Abramson says:

    I take my coffee in a cup…then I add milk and sugar!

  151. Danielle G says:

    Black or flavored creamer

  152. with creamer πŸ˜‰

  153. daysi morales says:

    I take my coffee with almond milk! Thanks :)

  154. Noopur Kesarwani says:

    I really want to win Keurig.

  155. I like my coffee with cream and sugar

  156. Jayme (JJ) Nagel says:

    Cream and sugar…it’s the first thing I do in the morning

  157. Pamela Barb says:

    Lot of creamer and sugar..love French vanilla flavor.

  158. Carole Jung says:

    With creamer and sugar please.

  159. Love my coffee with a little bit of cream. Mmmmm :)

  160. Tabatah Washington says:

    I love a bold cup of coffee, with just a hint of caramel.

  161. With lots of hot chocolate and no coffee!

  162. Elain Ponce De Leon says:

    I love my coffee with some French Vanilla creamer!

  163. Would make a great Christmas gift for my best friend

  164. Julie Harris says:

    I love my coffee with vanilla creamer and 2 splender packets, but the best coffee experience is coffee Haagen Dazs ice cream…SO GOOD!!!

  165. I like it with a little milk, cinnamon, and sugar :)

  166. Would make a great Christms gift for my best friend

  167. By the time I am able to get my life together in the morning, I have just enough time to pour the coffee….no time for anything but Black.

  168. Cindy Sasso says:

    I like the pumpkin spice coffee with milk and an equal

  169. I take my coffee in a large mug with a little milk. Love Keurig and Ebates.

  170. bj sanders says:

    If I’m home I like sugar free flavored creamer but if I’m out and about I get sugar free hazelnut or carmel.

  171. I take my coffee with cream and 1/2 Splenda or flavored creamer.

  172. Black.. the way it was mean to be!

  173. Ronald Sublett, Jr. says:

    Black, like my soul.

  174. Dark (little milk) w/ one no calorie sweetener.

  175. I take my coffee in a large mug with a little milk.

  176. beth jansen says:

    Black with a sweet treat on the side!

  177. SILVIA CRUZ says:

    With Coffee-Mate Creamer

  178. Teresa Davoli says:

    With cream and sugar’

  179. I don’t drink coffee, but my mother should could use another one. It would make a great thank you gift to her if I’m chosen!

  180. Lou Simpson says:

    one and only >> FRENCH VANILLA! less sugar

  181. leticia machuca says:

    i like to take my coffee in the morning with cream of mocha, chocolate yumm yumm i really loved, and i would like to win too :)

  182. TINA MERCADO says:

    I take my coffee with 2 sugar and flavored creamer.

  183. I love flavored coffee and just plain old black coffee!

  184. Yvonne North says:

    I take my cream and sugar with a little coffee

  185. They are great

  186. Two cream and two sugar…!

  187. amber johnson says:

    black or with a little cream

  188. Dawn Woolf says:

    I love my coffee strong with yummy flavored creamer, sugar and ice!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  189. julie bellinger says:

    I like mine with Hazelnut creamer and sugar

  190. Patty Palmer says:

    Coffee is what makes the mornings fabulous!! Would love to win this.

  191. madeline connolly says:

    love to win as i like my coffee

  192. HOT with pumpkin spice creamer

  193. Christine Hoster says:

    Black and sometimes with a little cream

  194. Just love coffee…depends on the mood…black or flavored creamer!

  195. J Montagano says:

    Double cream one sweetener!

  196. martina mckenna says:

    with caramel syrup

  197. Karla hamblin says:

    Three sugar and two French vanilla or hazelnut creamer.

  198. Sugar and Creamer. I can’t do black. Yuck!

  199. Cream and sugar with a little cinnamon!

  200. Use to take it no sugar, 1/4 half n half – now, still no sugar 1/2 soy milk.

  201. Gail Goodman says:

    I take my tea without cream or sugar… :)

  202. Liz Blanchard says:

    With a little milk!

  203. Jan Gurgul says:

    Lots of cream and sugar!

  204. With two sugars and a splash of cream please :)

  205. I’m a two half and half kinda girl.

  206. Margaret P. says:

    Strong coffee with cream and sugar. Real sugar not the fake stuff.

  207. With lots of flavor and sugar :) Would love this!

  208. Taheerah Hendricks says:

    I love my coffee with flavored creamer and a little sugar or sweetner :-)

  209. creamer and sugar sugar sugar :) Or vanilla flavor!

  210. Karen Yodk says:

    would love to have this in purple

  211. Krystal Beasley says:

    Hot…lots of flavored creamer…and on the go!

  212. Sherry Russell says:

    LOVE my coffee!

  213. I love a delicious cup of black coffee. No need to ruin it with extras!

  214. i’d love to win :)

  215. eric stoick says:

    Hot & Black!!! And Strong!!!!

  216. Lisa Marohnic says:

    one Stevia and a splash of Lactaid.

  217. Bethany Adams says:

    I like milk and flavoring.


  219. caryn smith says:

    “I like my Sugar with Coffee and Cream”….but for real, I like 2 splendas and skim :)

  220. Light and sweet is the way to go! I’d love my own Keurig!

  221. Light & Sweet!

  222. flavored coffee!

  223. Rebecca Isett says:

    I love my Keurig coffee with a touch of cream :)

  224. Hot! with a little bit of flavored sugar free creamer

  225. Lenae Crumley says:

    Very Dark with just a splash of sugar free flavored Torani syrup and some days add a little half and half to richen it up

  226. Hot, and dressed please!

  227. Vivienne Calabro says:

    I would love one of these. I love my coffee strong with just a smig of half &half. No sugar

  228. I love flavored coffee. I would love to win this!

  229. I take mine everywhere πŸ˜‰

  230. I’ll take mine with a little creamer please and thank you.

  231. Just cream in my coffee please!

  232. claire gray says:

    i looooove coffee especially when its strong with a drop of milk and sweetner :)mmmm

  233. sabrina testa says:

    Light and sweet!

  234. Lynne Cahill says:

    Strong coffee with agave and milk.

  235. debura jianu says:

    I would have my coffee (or whatever I could brew) nice and hot with half and half and maybe a little coconut sugar :) unless I’m also having a biscotti with my coffee. Thanks fpr asking! πŸ˜‰

  236. Ruth McClelland says:

    Love it with hazelnut creamer!

  237. Corinne Harris says:

    I like a little coffee with my vanilla caramel cream and sugar… sometimes I like it hot… & sometimes i prefer it over ice (thanks for asking πŸ˜‰

  238. tammy shuman says:

    I like my coffee light and sweet.

  239. jessica steiner says:

    I take my coffee with lots of creamer and splenda! YUMMMMM !!!

  240. Love it! Light and sweet

  241. Teresa Scarborough says:

    sugar and flavored creamer

  242. I love it with lots of cream! Now that I don’t do dairy, I have it with So Delicious coconut milk creamer in French Vanilla flavor! :) β˜•οΈ

  243. Debbie Loy says:

    Prefer tea with Equal, Husband prefers Black Coffee that is why we have an almost worn out Kurieg.

  244. Brooklyn Dutson says:

    flavored!! :)~

  245. Carolina Dhabolt says:

    I like it black, but I also like it with milk or creamer, with or without sugar, I guess it depends on my mood. I also like to try all the different flavors. I’m a coffee lover!

  246. Everyone at work would be very happy if we were to win. I like mine with nut and toffee flavored creamer!

  247. Kim Williams says:

    I like my coffee with pumpkin spice creamer!! This would be such a Blessing to my life

  248. I don’t drink coffee, but my Husband does, and he has been wanting one of these for 9 months now!! He likes his with a little cream and sugar

  249. Bailey Rinehart-Long says:

    I like to mix it up and try different flavors of cream!

  250. Cindy R Moore says:

    With lots of creamer!

  251. Stephanie Osborne says:

    I love Donut Shop glazed coffee!! Heaven in a cup on ANY day, but particularly when it’s cold!

  252. Marcie Morgan says:

    Cream & one sugar!

  253. Hot & with flavored creamer :)

  254. I think mine dark and strong. Somedays I add a little sweet cream

  255. Robin Russell says:

    I like mine with raw sugar and almond joy creamer!

  256. No coffee, but keurig chai tea rocks!

  257. Always black

  258. connie moody scoggins says:

    Love my coffee with Splenda and whole milk!

  259. deborah diaz says:

    I take my coffee hot or iced with sugar and hazelnut and caramel creamers.

  260. Brenda Shuler says:

    Fresh brewed and with cream. Thank you!

  261. Pipin’ hot with Hazelnut creamer.

  262. Angela Judd says:

    Love about 100 ounces of coffee per day (seriouly!) that is bold but not bitter with cream of the half n half variety.

  263. Judy wilensky says:

    Have a Tassimo….dream of replacing it…very few brewing options! :(

  264. Barbara Hrabik says:

    Morning- BLACK Afternoon-A little FLAVORED CREAM Evening- LATTE,a Little Booze (Kalua,amaretta or anything chocolate!) and Flavored Cream- Baileys is PERFECT!

    Coffee the lifeline for a good life and great days!! Blessings and Hugs to All…

  265. Brenda Cash says:

    Black so I can taste the wonderful aromatic coffee that I won from you!!!!!!!!

  266. Cream and sugar with a little squirt of whipped cream 😎

  267. I take mine with vanilla almond milk!

  268. I need a Keurig for my desk at work!

  269. Guilloteenie says:

    just sugar

  270. Mini things are always cute.

  271. maureen gonzales says:

    with hazelnut liquid creamer

  272. Hubby takes it black. I drink Hot Tea.

  273. Anita Kreid says:

    One Pink and one Blue Sweetener and milk.

  274. Cream and Sugar with Whipped Cream.

  275. Jennifer S. says:

    french vanilla creamer!

  276. I take my coffee with lots of French vanilla creamer (only the liquid type, not the powder)!

  277. Splash of half & half and Truvia

  278. Cindy Davidson says:

    With a little flavored creamer. Have always wanted one of these but been unable to afford one.

  279. I take my coffee…well, I don’t like coffee so I’ll have to say I take my hot chocolate with or without marshmallows!

  280. Love my Keurig Vue, add a little cream to my coffee and after reading the previous comments I want to try caramel macchiato creamer.

  281. light with splenda or equal and a dash of sugar in the raw

  282. Connie Horst says:

    just black please

  283. Sandra Brower says:

    In the morning: Strong with frothed milk, a lil touch of real vanilla extract and a sprinkle of cinnamon. It hits all my senses in the morning and wakes me up.

  284. Rhiannon Rowland says:

    I love iced coffee!

  285. Kathy Smith says:

    Black, unless its a flavored coffee

  286. liquid creamer flavored..usually mint

  287. rejuan cheramie says:

    i love all kinds of coffee ice , hot, flavored, you name it i like it.

  288. I <3 coffee!

  289. Why in a cup of course!

  290. Oh how I need this for my house to have my coffee and tea straight!

  291. Would love to have one! Hot, fresh coffee for 1!

  292. I have my morning coffee with 1 pink sugar and a lg. dollop of hazelnut creamer :-)

  293. Usually black or, as a treat, with a splash of half and half

  294. Nancy Watts says:

    I take my coffee with vanilla sugar, a spot of cinnamon and half and half creamer. Choosing my fingers hoping to win!

  295. Lisa Mullins says:

    I like my coffee fast with sugar free creamer and 2 packs of Stevia!

  296. Lisa Ann Smith says:

    I like powdered creamer and sugar, or liquid flavored creamer and sugar, i don’t care for milk in my coffee. My parents started giving me coffee, with lots of sugar, in the mornings when i was 2. way back then they didn’t know that giving a 2 yr old coffee every morning was not such a good idea lol it’s crazy the things children survived because parents didn’t know any better!

  297. Hot, cold and flavored, all different ways

  298. Elishia Harvill says:

    My husband loves a bold flavor like French Roast served black. I prefer mocha coffee.

  299. I take my coffee light with fat free cream, and one packet of Truvia, please…

  300. With a hint of cream! I would love this!

  301. A lot of creamer and sweetner. Fingers crossed!

  302. I would LOVE to win this!! It would be a great first win!

  303. I take mine black! Because I love flavored coffee! Especially vanilla!

  304. Catrina Phelps says:

    Cream, sugar and cinnamon!

  305. I take my coffee with lots of liquid creamer

  306. I take my coffee with fat free French vanilla creamer stir it up and I’m good to go.

  307. One cup after another!

  308. with soy milk and sugar!

  309. Georgia Hubley says:

    Nothing hits the spot for me more than a hot steaming cup of black coffee!

  310. warm and dark add a little cream..good to go!

  311. Valerie Hofmann says:

    Cream and sugar! The sweeter the better! ;o)

  312. Teresa Organ says:

    I don’t drink coffee very often but I like it with lots of flavored creamer.

  313. janice amorosi says:

    i’d love to win one. french vanilla coffe with 2 vanillia creamers and sugar please

  314. hanh nguyen says:

    I like it with sugar and cream!

  315. Shoshana Fuller says:

    I would love to win!!!!! I like mine with a taste of pumpkin and whipped cream.

  316. Can’t start my day without coffee, I just won’t function! Needs to be hot, creamy and sweet. I would love this aching, it will make it faster and simpler to prepare my cup every morning!

  317. Rae Augustin says:

    Fat free half n half & stevia

  318. Charice Shannon says:

    I don’t actually drink coffee, but I love hot cocoa and I’m getting addicted to the “brew over ice” tea’s!

  319. 3 sugars and either French vanilla or pumpkin spice creamer. I like it sweet! :)

  320. Brenda Paladino says:

    Love my coffee with half and half and a little raw sugar!

  321. With a little cream.

  322. I only occasionally use the Keurig for tea/iced tea, but my husband takes his coffee with cream and sugar.

  323. I take my coffee with French vanilla creamer. :0p. Deliciousness.

  324. This would help me get my day going!

  325. sarah hirsch says:

    I prefer hot chocolate to coffee. I have coffee with lots of cream and sugar

  326. milk and splenda :)

  327. Coffee and cream if you please, but love it for hot chocolate and tea just as well!!

  328. Milk,no sugar

  329. With creamer and sugar

  330. Anne-Marie Marquis says:

    I love my coffee with flavored creamer. This time of year “pumpkin spice” is best. Yummy!
    Can’t wait for the holiday season to start!

  331. Erin Haberman says:

    …in bed, of course!!!!

  332. Shannon Headley says:

    I like splenda and nonfat french vanilla in my coffee. I couldn’t make it through the day with out it!

  333. Iced with lots of hazelnut creamer and sugar.

  334. I don’t drink coffee, but I would love the Keurig to make some vanilla almond tea with a bit of Splenda or some hot apple cider with caramel and whipped cream!

  335. bonnie newman says:

    milk and sugar and ice

  336. Carrie Ganz says:

    Mmm hot and fresh with a little creamer..num

  337. Diane Paterson says:

    I always have milk and sugar in my coffee.

  338. James Kennedy says:

    I like mine with cream and sugar!

  339. Cream and sugar
    But don’t forget tea, hot apple cider and cocoa…these are just as good!

  340. Made into a latte!

  341. I take my coffee with chickory and cream

  342. id love to win this

  343. I take my coffee with flavored creamer!

  344. Kerry Pickens says:

    hot and dark!

  345. I like coffee most any way, but my normal is black with a dollop of coconut cream concentrate or coconut oil. Yum! :)

  346. I take my coffee with splenda and fat free half-n-half.

  347. I will take mine hot, with a drop of cream and cinnamon, please.

  348. Strong and black!

  349. sheena little says:

    With 2 teaspoons of sugar…

  350. Splenda with Milk or Flavored Creamer! Yum!

  351. Pauline Bonin says:

    A nice cup of coffe at the end of a long day of teaching is delicious!!!

  352. Dark roast w/just a touch of Fat Free Half & Half! :) Thanks for the chance!

  353. I like my coffee black, nothing added. THanks!

  354. I take my coffee by smell only :) Don’t care for the taste but love the smell.

    My daughter, however, loves the flavored coffees and has actually asked for a Keurig for Christmas. She’s 14. She would love this and I would love to get it for her for freeeeee.

  355. I lneed my coffee light & sweet!

  356. Black usually, but also like a little flavored CoffeeMate or a variety of your flavors!!! Pumpkin Spice this time of year!! mmmmm.

  357. Black – nothing better.

  358. Elaina Meadows says:

    Would love to win! mmm coffee, french vanilla creamer and sweet n low :)

  359. I take mine decaf with cream.

  360. I take mine with French Vanilla flavored creamers. It would be nice to have a Keurig. I actually used one for the first time today at work. Never had a need to have a coffee maker. It would be awesome to own my own.

  361. I would love to win this…I keep entering everywhere to win one ! I prefer ice coffee…any flavor !

  362. Gary Meranda says:

    Black & strong

  363. I enjoy my coffee with french vanilla flavored creamer.

  364. Janice Dean says:

    I love my coffee strong and black!

  365. carol roberts clark says:

    with cream any kind and about 3 sugars

  366. Jenna Harper says:

    3 sugars and 4 creams

  367. Arjun Rudra says:

    Take my coffee black, no milk or sweeteners.

  368. BLACK!! Mmmmmmmm…….

  369. Milk and sugar. Or black. Or just milk. Or cream. Possibly with some chocolate sauce. I just like coffee πŸ˜‰

  370. I drink my coffee straight! Flavored coffee…..French vanilla! Yum!

  371. These are so cute!

  372. This would be perfect. I take mine with a little vanilla flavored cream. The mini brewer would be the perfect size for this mama of 4 little ones. I drink 1-2 cups before the kids wake up in the morning.

  373. I like my coffee with lots of milk and splenda.

  374. Anyway I can get it, but preferably with flavored creamer:)

  375. Amanda Gunter says:

    Never had a keurig, my husband would LOVE this…
    I love my coffee with my favorite creamer! :)

  376. Michelle B. says:

    A little International Delight creamer (Almond Joy lately) and a wee bit of sugar. I <3 Coffee twice daily.

  377. Daily. Cream and Splenda.

  378. candi gelis says:

    Black, cream or Baileys!

  379. With pumpkin or Irish cream flavoring, or black

  380. I love my coffee with a little bit of cream!

  381. I would use this to make tea!! or hot chocolate!

  382. I take my coffee with flavored creamers and sugar!

  383. loveleen grewal says:

    addicted to coffee :) I like it bold with little bit of soy milk and some equal :)

  384. strong coffee with half and half

  385. A touch of milk and a LOT of sugar :)

  386. Black and strong. Extra large cup, please.

  387. Cathy Kenyon says:

    Love my coffee good n hot with half and half.

  388. Erika Wehn says:

    Love my coffee black. But we have this horrible coffee at work and it’s so gross I can’t even drink it with tons of sugar and creamer. Hence, no coffee at work for me anymore :(

  389. joanne ross says:

    hazlenut sugar exta CREAM!!!! with touch cinnamon!!

  390. Marianne Stuart says:

    I take it with cream and sugar.

  391. James Katkus says:

    Medium roast wit half & half

  392. I use cream and 2 sugars.

  393. Leslie Seibel says:

    I use Ebates all the time! I’d love to win this!

  394. Cheryl Caplow says:

    Black, straight up!

  395. Richard peterson says:


  396. I like to drink coffee with soymilk or almond milk. And sometime I put cinnamon put on the top!!! I love to drink it outside of yard!!

  397. with creamer

  398. My sister has a Keurig and I am soooo envious. I would love to have this. I love my coffee flavored. Carmel all kinds, and I am a big tea lover too, black, orange and herbal. I would love to win this! Thanks for the opportunity.

  399. I love my flavored K-Cups, but if it’s plain then creamer and Splenda.

  400. I like a little bit of coffee with my creamer. πŸ˜‰

  401. lisha driver says:

    With lots of flavors added! lol

  402. Leah Brislin says:

    With a little cream and some pink stuff :)

  403. Candace Swan says:

    I love my coffee hot and creamy!!

  404. Love my coffee with cream and sugar.

  405. Extra Light – No sugar.

  406. I like my coffee plain

  407. Wei-Choon Tay says:

    With cream and sugar.

  408. Liege Garcia says:

    I don’t drink coffee, but my guests complain I don’t have a Keurig!

  409. Cream and sugar please :)

  410. Just plain LOVE coffee with alot of cream!

  411. LOVE LOVE coffee with alot of cream!!

  412. Pam Hoffman says:

    I take my coffee unflavored with half and half! Yum!

  413. cream and sugar

  414. Ann Powell says:

    I love my coffee with a bit of cream!!!!

    • Ann Powell says:

      I would love to get a coffee machine…. I have coffee and would only get a keurig coffee machine… Hope I get picked… Thanks again!!!!

  415. emanuel addison says:

    light and sweet

  416. I would love to win this for my husband, whose over the road truck driving. That way he can have his favorite tea/coffee like at home :)… 22 years and counting!!

  417. Janice Cooper says:

    With cream and sugar :)

  418. Just coffee and more coffee.

  419. Janice Eulau says:

    I take my coffee as tea!!!

  420. Michele Deo says:

    I would love to be able to have one of these on my desk at work. Smell wonderful coffee smells and creamer abound…. hmmmmmm

  421. Chandra Christine O'Connor says:

    black and strong

  422. Lia Becas Jacobsen says:

    Black & sweet! Great giveaway thank you! :)

  423. I love flavored coffee, I’m pregnant now so gave up caffeine but looking forward to that coffee soon! French vanilla – yum !

  424. I take my coffee with half and half.

  425. I add stevia, cocao powder, cinnamon and evaporated goat’s milk

  426. Half and half and one sugar.

  427. Jessica Lodge says:

    I add about 1/4c warmed skim milk w/3/4tsp of raw sugar. It’s kind of my fake latte. Love it!

  428. would love to win this for my mother xoxoox

  429. Nathalie Michaud says:

    i like drinking my coffee outside, with milk, and sugar!

  430. shannon b. says:

    Hazelnut with vanilla cream :)

  431. With milk thanks.

  432. Kim Borochaner says:

    With flavored creamer!!! Especially pumpkin spice!!

  433. I love my coffee with pumpkin spice or caramel mocchiato creamer

  434. with creamer and some chocolate flavor

  435. cream and sugar

  436. I like my coffee with milk and no sugar. I love bitter coffee because when I eat a donut it has sugar in it. So it makes no sense to add sugar to my coffee πŸ˜€

  437. Michelle Colaizzi says:

    Cream & Truvia Please!

  438. Jennifer R says:

    with hazelnut creamer

  439. Victoria W. says:

    I take it Iced or Hot with a Hazelnut flavoring!!!

  440. I take my coffee with a scone!

  441. I take my cup from my keurig right to my lips and drink it!

  442. strong

  443. I like my perfect cup of coffee with one packet of Splenda with fiber and a splash of caramel creamer.

  444. Strong with hazelnut creamer

  445. I have always wanted on of this!!! I love coffee with French vanilla or Carmel creamer.

  446. Good coffee is like good scotch – don’t add water, creamer, ice or any other pollutant!

  447. Please pick me! I am an Ebates Member! And I love coffee.

  448. Patricia Duchock says:

    I like my coffee black

  449. Maria Bradstreet says:

    Always with cocoa, cinnamon, and lowfat milk. Sugar is optional.

  450. I take my coffee with a little Splenda and a splash of almond milk. Thanks for the giveaway!

  451. Mary Reinhard says:

    I love the Hot Chocolates!

  452. helen viecelli says:


  453. I like it with flavored creamer!

  454. I like flavored coffeeq

  455. Lori Starr says:

    I take my coffee with cream and I don’t always like making a whole pot when it is just me and I always wanted one

  456. I usually drink it black, but like creamer in it sometimes or flavored coffee.

  457. With milk and sugar

  458. Would love to win this for my daughter to take to her dorm room. I like my coffee black or with white chocolate peppermint creamer :)

  459. I take my coffee crisp!
    Lol not a coffee drinker but my friends are and would love to have this for when they visit :) or hot chocolate!

  460. Either lots of flavored creamer, or a cappuccino!

  461. NO coffee! Tea and hot chocolate -Yes!

  462. my coffee always comes with cream and sugar, I don’t mind some seasonal flavors too

  463. I like my coffee with half and half.

  464. I love to add mocha, cinnamon and whipped cream for a warm decadent treat.

  465. I like my coffee black – so it takes good coffee and a good coffee maker to make it right!

  466. I like my coffee black and strong, 1 cup at a time,Yummy :-)

  467. cora lukehart says:

    I like my coffee with cream & splenda or sugar (whatever is handy. It’s morning)

  468. With cream and 2 splenda please

  469. linda weissler says:

    I make awful coffee – ask anyone. With this capsule-coffee brewer I can’t go wrong. Thanks

  470. A little tiny cup of coffeemate, regular. A good cup of coffee like Newman’s don’t need sugar to make it drinkable.

  471. I take my coffee with a little cream!

  472. I would LOVE to win this wonderful machine! I use a flavored creamer in my coffee.

  473. I drink my coffee strong and black. Dark roast please!

  474. I like creamy sugared coffee but I’d love some tea most of all.

  475. Christina Z says:

    I like mine with sugar

  476. I take my coffee with cream.

  477. I like my coffe with sugar and milk.

  478. Beverly Yocum says:

    I love it with some Bailey’s & whipped cream…So does my dog love the whipped cream!

  479. Crystal Myers Landers says:

    Nice and strong with cream and sugar!!! Yum!!!

  480. I take my coffee with a bit of cream.

  481. hilda torres says:

    would love to win one

  482. Margie Rodgers says:

    Mine broke, please pick me

  483. Joann Steigleder says:

    I’ll take my coffee the Keurig way!! Made with <3

  484. I take mine old school….some whipping cream and a little sugar! I wish it was morning!

  485. rose tamayo says:

    Generally I take mine with cream & sugar but once in a while I like to add a pinch of cinnamon & pecans. :) sooo yumm on a cold winter day.

  486. Light with milk and a sugar substitute, and all’s right with the world. Ahhh…

  487. suzanne satkowiak says:

    I take my coffee from my significant other’s hands while I am laying in bed on a Sunday morning with newspaper.

  488. With a little cream and sugar

  489. On the road.. Iced and Good

  490. Jennifer B. says:

    Cream and sugar please!

  491. Brandi Grover says:

    Coffee with a LOT of sugar! I really need one of these because I have a zillion K Cups but no maker! :(

  492. claire woods says:

    white no sugar.

  493. Black with honey (and sometime a touch of amaretto creamer as a treat)

  494. with cream and sugar

  495. Portia Mattinson says:

    Cream and sugar

  496. If it’s instant coffee then it’s milk first then water… If it’s ‘proper’ coffee then I add the milk afterwards – both with no sugar

  497. kim neville says:

    milk and one sugar

  498. melanie crumpton says:

    would love to win

  499. deanna hanson says:

    with caramel

  500. Lisa Roper says:

    I take my coffee, one cup at a time.

  501. Barbara Downes says:

    flavored coffee

  502. I love my coffee black, flavored, a little creamer, I like a variety and lots of it!

  503. Love a little sugar and flavored cream but trying to cut back on sweets and fat. So I enjoy specialty coffees like Hazelnut. Get tons of rich flavor without packing on calories.

  504. I always drink nicely flavored coffee with creamer and blue agave sweeteners :)
    But i don’t have Keurig brewer yet.

  505. Eleanor Beavan says:

    I love mine medium roast with milk and a sweetner !

  506. Sharon Orsak says:

    Would Love to Bless my husband with this. Since we are still using the old brewing station coffee pot. He is a big coffee drinker BLACK only so maybe he could spice it up a little.

  507. As long as it’s hot, anything is good. :)

  508. Cafe Escapes Yummmmm

  509. Rebecca Helene Thomas says:

    I take my coffee light and sweet with a bit of cinnamon!

  510. Love my coffee with just half and half cream :)

  511. Sara Harder says:

    I use my Keurig brewer and favorite K-cup and pour liquid flavored creamer in it and sip and enjoy!!!

  512. I take mine with cream and 1/2 a Splenda or flavored creamer. Yum!

  513. I like it either black or with a little milk

  514. Coffee has milk and two Splendas!

  515. It’s all about the third button, milk not cream (non fat), and cinnamon on top. Have to keep two boxes around to keep the machine going, and ONLY USED FILTERED WATER…

  516. I use a Keurig at work and would LOVE to have one at home! I love strong, bold , black coffee. :- )

  517. I love my coffee with flavored creamer, and my dachshund in my lap.

  518. Jacqueline St. Hilaire says:

    Frothy preferred, with lots of milk and sugar or flavored creamer. Depends of the flavor of the coffee.

  519. Nancy Glasscock says:

    I like my coffee fresh, sweet and steamy, like a man should be!!!

  520. I take my coffee with raw sugar and creamer!

  521. Would love this! Coffee w/ extra cream, pls! :)

  522. I mix coffee in a protein shake every morning for breakfast on the run.

  523. I like my coffee how I like my women, BLACK.

  524. Cassandra D. says:

    I like to share my coffee with my husband! Quality time together. But I do take my coffee with a little flavored creamer.

  525. I love my coffee strong with lots of cream & sugar!

  526. lots of hazelnut creamer and fake sugar – my loving husband makes the coffee every morning and brings it to me with my ginger on the side

  527. Jen Mackay says:

    I take my coffee with homemade creamer that my guy makes for me. He’s been talking about these Keurig makers for a few weeks now, would love to surprise him with this :)

  528. I would love to make some good coffee with a Keurig

  529. Lawrence S says:

    Coffee with Milk and sugar

  530. I’ve always wanted one of these ! I take my coffee with a little cream

  531. I like mine with some International Delight liquid creamer, usually something caramel or chocolate, and a squirt of a liquid non-calorie sweetener.

  532. I like mine black just the good old coffee flavor.

  533. Linda Dambrosio says:

    Love Keurig and use it at home all the time. Now I need one for my desk at work. Wouldn’t this be sweet to have my Keurig coffee at work too.

  534. Sara C Taylor says:

    I like my coffee with a one spoon of sugar and a bit of cream.

  535. Would be an awesome gift for my love!

  536. Kimberly L says:

    I add milk and sugar to my coffee.

  537. with coconut milk and a tsp of cane sugar!! :-)

  538. I take my coffee with cream….and love Keurig!

  539. Marguerite Funk says:

    I love flavored coffee!

  540. Stacey Dupirack says:

    Hot on a cold fall or winter morning with half & half and stevia
    Iced on a hot summer morning – it’s soooo refreshing!!!

  541. I would love to have one Red please

  542. I like my hot tea with fresh cows milk.

  543. I like mine with Coffemate flavored creamer. My current favorite is Caramel Macchiato.

  544. With cream!!!

  545. pick me, pick me! I so need this.

  546. I live by myself and this would be awesome to have. I take my coffee like this. A very large, decaf caramel macchiato with splenda (diabetic). O yea, EXTRA hot. Lasts longer;). Pick ME, pic ME, (please);( πŸ˜‰

  547. Holy cow, I REALLY NEED THIS! I live by myself and would work and LOOK great on my counter!! I like my coffee like this: A VERY large (mug style), so I would need to use two of the cups. Decaf, caramel macchiato, Splenda (I’m diabetic) and extra HOT with a lot of low fat creamer;) Now that’s my idea of a perfect morning coffee. But cannot afford Starbucks:( PLEASE pick me…….do I have to beg……..

  548. steve weber says:

    no coffee for me, but my family loves the stuff.

  549. With cream. Would love to win this!

  550. Allison Johnson says:

    with vanilla creamer and splenda

  551. hot coffee that is how I like it !!

  552. COFFEE? Can’t Do Without It! I Like It Strong,Black,Cold,Warm or Hot.With or Without CrΓ¨me or Sugar? LIKE IT!!

  553. A little cream and a little sugar taste great!!!!

  554. I like my coffee a medium roast and black. No creamer, no sweetener. Thanks!

  555. I take my coffee with flavored liquid creamer.

  556. Would love to win this. I take sugar and milk with my coffee!

  557. A little cream and some truvia.

  558. Kimberly Boteler says:

    I like my coffee black!

  559. I take it decaf!

  560. I love dark Italian Roast with whole milk and sugar <3

  561. I like my coffee with flavored creamer!

  562. With coconut milk, a teaspoon of cinnamon, and stevia (all organic) :)

  563. Beverly Yocum says:

    Love my coffe with a little Bailey’s & some whipped cream…

  564. Melissa Waldrup-Old says:

    I take mine with organic half and half! Would love to win!

  565. During the week, some flavorful creamer with some of my fav flavors like Cinammon Pastry, Kahlua or Pumpkin Spice and on the weekend with some Irish Cream and agave syrup!

  566. Flavored & sweet

  567. Light sugar & cream!

  568. with ridiculous amounts of flavored creamer and stevia

  569. Amanda Lutz says:

    I like my coffee with lots and lots of liquid creamer. Mmm!

  570. Kecia Marie says:

    I love using the KCups at work — I especially love the “brew over ice” ones……BUT I don’t have a machine at home — this would be an awesome pre-christmas gift. Thank you

  571. would love to win this coffee maker, I like my coffee black and strong!

  572. Tyanna Hodges says:

    I like mine with 3 teaspoons of cream!

  573. Michele Poynton-Marsh says:

    Lots of cream.

  574. jeannine s says:

    I take mine with cream and sugar

  575. either hot, or iced with milk and sugar!

  576. F. De Moraes says:

    I jump start my morning with Italian Roast with cream and Splenda

  577. David Haug says:


  578. Kayla Santiago says:

    Love my coffee with hazelnut creamer would love to win this.

  579. Traci Gifford says:

    I take my coffee with a packet of sweet and low and a splash of coffeemate natural instincts vanilla lite creamer. Mmm :)

  580. I love my coffee with a glorious sunrise and great company.

  581. Dark coffee w/ flavored creamer

  582. I use a Keurig coffee maker only @ work, but would love one @ home. Donut Shoppe coffee is my favorite with International Delight French Vanilla creamer!

  583. I love coffee. I like bold black coffee. I like a lot of flavor, but not flavored. I like the taste and smell of real coffee

  584. I like mine flavored with almond milk and a tiny bit of sugar. Hazelnut is my FAVORITE!

  585. I like my coffee with a lot of sugar and some liquid french vanilla creamer.

  586. Marilyn Rink says:

    Coffe is the first thing I have when I leave for work at 5:00 AM. Gets me going. If I one of these I get going faster. Thanks

  587. I like flavor coffee with cream and sugar, Thank you!

  588. pamela collins jester says:

    as strong as possible with Hazelnut ID. Italian Roast

  589. Yvonne McGowan says:

    I take my coffee black – sometimes with some flavored creamer. Thank you for asking!

  590. Lindsey Adams says:

    extra cream extra sugar

  591. Cathy Johnson says:


  592. Cream and Truvia (stevia)

  593. megan boyce says:

    with tons of sugar and creamer!

  594. I take mine black most of the time but I can’t pass up a good mocha caramel coffee.

  595. Omgeeee, this would be purrrrrfect for the winter. Or better yet, better for everyday!!! I hope i win. I LOVE COFFE!!!! :-)

  596. Jan Glover says:

    Dark with a shot of creamer and a dash of sugar

  597. Susan Rogers says:

    Light and sweet. Hope I win.

  598. caramel creamer… yum!

  599. Becky Hewinson says:

    Sugar and no-fat half & half.

  600. I take my coffee black!

  601. I don’t drink coffee, but love the hot chocolate options!!!!

  602. Wendy Hauffen says:

    Lots of cream and lots of sugar for me please…. or Coffeemate Hazelnut creamer!

  603. With skim milk and Stevia sweetener.

  604. Ashley Pichon says:

    I like mine sweet and creamy :)

  605. w/ french vanilla fat free creamer

  606. Enjoys it with any flavored creamer, just loving the smell of fresh brewed coffee and to keep up my energy and sanity with the family and patients daily, hehe!

  607. with almond milk and stevia!

  608. I take mine hot with peppermint mocha creamer. Yum!

  609. Vanessa Coker says:

    With Irish cream flavored creamer :)

  610. Kimberly Tritz says:

    I take my coffee or tea with honey!

  611. With a splash of skim milk to take the edge off.

  612. Angie Fancher says:

    I like my coffee with Italian sweet cream β˜•οΈ

  613. I take my coffee with some sugar and flavored creamer or milk

  614. I like my coffee with Milk and little sugar
    Thanks for the chance I love Keuring (οΌΎ-οΌΎ)ζ—¦

  615. Melissa Neece says:

    Hot and black! <3

  616. I take my coffee light with a bit of sugar, thank you :)

  617. I take my coffee with flavored creamer!

  618. I like my coffee with a flavored creamer of my choice and It is a must Everyday.

  619. With pumpkin flavored creamer!

  620. Susan Wilder says:

    Love my French Vanilla coffee w/sugar and Cremora.

  621. With creamer… pumpkin spice.. yum!

  622. Love the taste of pure coffee. So I like it black, black, black!

  623. Mayra Santiago says:

    My coffe i like with cream, hahlua and sugar!

  624. I love my Hazelnut K-cups with Hazelnut creamer.

  625. ‘Tis the season for the flavor!! I’ll have mine with cream and sugar!

  626. LOVE to take my coffee from a Keurig mini brewer!!!

  627. Matthew Plotts says:

    Black or Mocha , would use this multiple times a day

  628. Tina Gagnon says:

    No coffe in our house except for company, but cocoa and tea? Yum!

  629. I like my coffee black.

  630. I LOVE coffee, I take it white with two. Would love to win as being a barista I would love a machine at home!

  631. Beth Olion says:

    I take my coffee with ice from a gas station soda machine (it’s called Mountain Dew), but my daughter in college likes hers with lot of french vanilla creamer and would love this for her dorm room!

  632. Milk & sugar

  633. Melissa Meyer says:

    I take my coffee over ice with a little creamer.

  634. Oh man, I need this at my desk at work! I love my coffee with a little bit of white mocha or peppermint mixed in there.

  635. I presently drink my coffee by chewing up the beans then washing it down after gargling with hot water.

  636. Kathryn Finn says:

    I like my coffee black if it is hot. If I add ice, I also add cream and sugar.

  637. Lynda Tate says:

    Fresh hot coffee with Caramel cream! Mmmm!!

  638. Grace Papaseraphim says:

    Milk, no sugar. Thanks for offering!

  639. I like mine with flavored creamer and truvia


  640. Boston cream coffee with no sugar.

  641. Mayra Santiago says:

    Me encanta el cafe con leche azucar

  642. light and sweet

  643. I chew up the beans then gargle with hot water.

  644. I take it right out of my K-Cup!

  645. Melisaa Austin says:

    I love some french vanilla creamer. If I’m spoiling myself, I also add some rich and creamy whipped topping.

  646. I have my coffee with cream and one sugar

  647. Birdie Skolfield says:

    I Take my coffee BLACK

  648. I take my coffee strong and black.

  649. Kyle Elliott says:

    Cream and sugar. this would be perfect for my dorm room.

  650. Love my coffee black, all flavors and brands

  651. Sweet with either real cream or flavored creamer (vanilla, or seasonal favorites)

  652. Over ice and w added milk, ground cinnamon and cocoa. (No sugar)

  653. would Lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve this!

  654. Decaf and I also love tea!

  655. Allison Yaholnitsky says:

    Every morning!!
    with cream and sugar :-)

  656. Like my coffee with flavored liquid creamer.

  657. Yes, please…I would like one very much :)

  658. Linda Glenn says:

    Hot Strong and all day long….about any flavor and black.

  659. alicia carr says:

    I take my coffee light an sweet

  660. Don’t drink coffee, but love my tea and hot chocolate. Would love a Keurig in my classroom to make tea and hot chocolate on demand through the cold winter.

  661. I love my coffee with cream and sugar! Cream and honey makes a delicious coffee too!

  662. I take my coffee with non-flavored creamer! I would love to win this for my husband’s office please!!!

  663. Adam Himmel says:

    Caffeinated. Other than that, just no “flavors” like hazelnut. Coffee should be coffee.

  664. Vicki Perkins says:

    I like my coffee strong and black

  665. I take my coffee- DD (Dunkin’ Donut) style (usually raspberry) w/ skim and splenda… yummy! I want some right now :-)

  666. susie spann says:

    Hot, sweet and creamy

  667. In the morning with flavored creamer. Tea hot or iced!

  668. Take my coffee with Coffeemate liquid creamer (vanilla). I’ts the best !

  669. Angela Medina says:

    I personally love cappuccino!

  670. Thanks for this chance to win! I take my coffee with cream and this would be wonderful to win! connie danielson

  671. Timothy Piatkiewicz says:

    I take my Coffee with Cream & Sugar.

  672. Melissa Saenz says:

    Hazelnut creamer with sugar!!!

  673. I like my coffee strong with a little skim milk and an ice cube! :)

  674. Black…that is all.

  675. Stephanie Nuttman says:

    I like my coffee black and my tea with honey.

  676. Rhonda Mason says:

    I like my coffee with one sugar and half and half. Thanks

  677. tiffany duhaney says:

    I love my with milk and sugar. I have to have mine like a mocha color and very sweet.

  678. Victoria Evans says:

    Usually black, but sometimes with a splash of heavy whipping cream!

  679. Love my coffee with International Delight french vanilla creamer!

  680. Jennifer Jessup says:

    I have never liked coffee until Friday night at my Mom’s house. She has a Keurig and my brother made me a cup…..Love it and now want one for myself…needless to say I’m 41 and that was my first cup of coffee

  681. Lauren Ray says:

    With Coffeemate thin mint creamer and 2 sugars

  682. I like my coffee black and real sugar.Awesome giveaway!

  683. Vanessa Rodriguez says:

    I like my coffee iced, with cream and lots of sugar!

  684. I love my coffee with cream and sugar!

  685. Robin Vicino says:

    I would love to win this!!!! I like mine with milk and Splenda!!

  686. i take my coffee black or with a spot of milk i am a big coffee drinker no soda just coffee love it

  687. elaine hathaway says:

    COFFEE!!!!! JAVA,JAVA,JAVA….. love my coffee flavored coffee with cream or sugar. if i don’t get my coffee in the morning it throws my day off

  688. I take my coffee with hazelnut or baileys creamer.

  689. Splenda and half and half.

  690. I like coffee with cream.

  691. Lori M Morris says:

    Any way I can get it, it’s a necessity!

  692. I love a good flavored creamer

  693. Kayla Coleman says:

    Love it with French Vanilla!! Thanks for the chance! :)

  694. Andrea Smith says:

    Decaf, sweet, and creamy with a touch of caramel.

  695. Danielle Lisle says:

    Strong and black with one packet of splenda!!

  696. Rosa Salem says:

    I love mines with any flavored creamer, this time of year pumpkin spice my favorite!

  697. fat free creamer and sugar

  698. I take mine with flavored creamer and a decent amount of sugar :)

  699. Kyle Phillips says:

    In a coffee mug

  700. I don’t drink coffee…ever. I do, however, love tea and hot chocolate – I would use my new machine for that!

  701. I like my coffee iced, with plenty of cream and sweeteners….would love to win this!

  702. nice and black

  703. I like extra cream and 2 splendas or Stevias πŸ˜‰

  704. Janice Dean says:

    Straight black & strong!

  705. Bev Hennings says:

    Love french roast with real half & half! Yum!!! And I love Ebates!

  706. yum vanilla pumpkin with a hint of mint

  707. I have many moods…so I like to have a variety….sometimes just plain coffee, sometimes a lattee, with carmel, pumpkin. Most of all I like it fast and hot!

    That’s why I would love to win a keurig mini plus!

  708. I prefer Starbucks’ Kenya blend with a spoonful of turbinado sugar!

  709. Cheryl Moore says:

    I like mine lots of cream mo sugar

  710. patricia caradonna says:

    vanilla creamer with two equal sweetner.

  711. I love it super hot with stevia and Coffeemate! :)

  712. Bryanna Linson says:

    I like my coffee with french vanilla creamer and sugar. :)

  713. Linda Meranda says:

    Celebrating our past Oct. 7, 34th anniversary with a strong cup of black coffee from our recently won Keurig would be such a blessing (: thank you for the chance

  714. I have to pair regular coffee with Coffee Mate French vanilla! When I have my Keurig, I’ll have lots of lovely already-flavored coffee choices. :)


  715. Cream and 1 sugar

  716. Barbara Clark says:

    Just plain black, please. Thank you. :)

  717. I like my coffee loaded with creamer and/or sugar.

  718. Hot w/ soy milk

  719. I love with cream and sweet n low ummmmmm

  720. Denise Beckius says:

    Sugar and milk

  721. I enjoy my cup of coffee flavored with the nutty sweetness of a Hazelnut creamer and sugar.

  722. Sandy Aceti says:

    Two sweet and low light with milk

  723. Alicia Holman says:

    Like it hot and sweet!

  724. Patty Hancock says:

    I love my coffee light with cream and 2 Splendas.

  725. Pam Kirgin says:

    Love it….cream only please :)

  726. sandy weinstein says:

    take mine w/ almond milk and splenda

  727. Erin purdy says:

    Cream and sugar :-)

  728. Stephanie Nutt says:

    Cream and sugar :o)

  729. Sasha Gutierrez says:

    I love my coffee with cream and sugar! Thanks for the chance!

  730. luann willingham says:

    In a thick mug. Lots of creamer. Sometimes flavored creamer.

  731. Georgina Cedeno says:

    I take mine light and sweet with French vanilla creamer !!

  732. By IV (I wish). A big mug with a dash of coconut milk creamer

  733. Wayne Armstrong says:

    I like mine with caramel macchiato creamer.

  734. Jennifer Moskowitz says:

    light and sweet

  735. Strong with creamer!

  736. Nicole Acuna says:

    I love mine light and sweet with french vanilla creamer, its so delicious especially during the fall/winter season!

  737. Noopur Kesarwani says:

    Cream and Sugar Yummy

  738. Sharon UNDERWOOD says:

    With rice milk

  739. I like to put chocolate creamer in my coffee before I go to work!

  740. Arlene Cale says:

    I like my coffee hot, strong, sweet, and vanilla creamer

  741. I take my coffee hot, with half and half, sweet n low….and preferably someone handing it to me made just the way I like it!

  742. I love my coffee with Hazelnut and French Vanilla creamer! But I’m willing to try them all!

  743. Cream and sugar with some caramel drizzle :)

  744. Jan Gurgul says:

    French Vanilla

  745. Monique Bon says:

    I like my coffee with half & half & sugar (:

  746. mary janssen says:

    with cream please

  747. French vanilla cream and equal. I would love to win this. I’m the only one in the house that drinks coffee, so this would be perfect, and I’m a very loyal Ebates customer.

  748. Paige Sharp says:

    3 cream 2 sugar :)

  749. Would be so great to have this for the cold winter!! Raw cream and coconut sugar, so good!

  750. Black!

  751. Esther Bamaca says:

    I take my coffee with sugar and creamer. Yum!

  752. jessica june hughes says:

    i take mine with french vanilla international delight creamer and 1 sugar yummmmy!!

  753. Lesia Hanks says:


  754. Kathy Gates says:

    I would love to win this!! I like my coffee Strong, hot and black! Thanks for the giveaway!! :)

  755. Heidi Dean says:

    I like blueberry coffee with coconut creamer and a little Splenda. Yummy!!
    I really hope to win this because I gave my Keurig platinum to my sister and this mini would be perfect for me.
    Love Keurig and ebates!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  756. Sandra Shaw says:

    I Love My Coffee Freshly Brewed Black and one Sugar .. Would Love to Have a Mini Keurig Please :)

  757. Brenda Herschberger says:

    I’d love one of these!

  758. Lori Jones says:

    I would love to win one of these to keep me warm for the winter.

  759. cheryl thacker says:

    Tall blond and hot!

  760. Bethany eldredge says:

    Black with Stevia

  761. I would give to my grandma and she takes hers black.

  762. With flavored creamer or milk!

  763. Lee Ann Kaplan says:

    Flavored cream and sugar or honey

  764. Sandra Hurt says:

    Fresh & hot….

  765. Heidi Dean says:

    I love blueberry coffee with coconut creamer and a little Splenda. I really hope to win because I have my Keurig platinum to my sister and this Keurig mini would be perfect.
    I love Keurig and ebates!! Thank you for this awesome giveaway!!

  766. Heidi Dean says:

    I love blueberry coffee with coconut creamer and a little Splenda. I really hope to win because I gave my Keurig platinum to my sister and this Keurig mini would be perfect.
    I love Keurig and ebates!! Thank you for this awesome giveaway!!

  767. Kelley Orr says:

    A bit of half & half. Love Keurig brewers!

  768. Diane miller says:

    Hal and Half

  769. Courtney W. says:

    I take my coffee black, and one hot mug at a time =)

  770. 1 sugar splash of creamer French roast

  771. one cream one sugar. would love to win this coffee maker

  772. w/ some pumpkin spice creamer!

  773. splash of skim

  774. Carrie Nagel says:

    Like my coffee dark roast wirh a little bit of fat free creamerβ™₯β™₯β™₯ woild LOVE to win this.

  775. Jane Ann Bradley-Lane says:

    What fun! I take mine black, thank you!

  776. Roseanne A says:

    cream and sugar

  777. I love my coffee iced with a shot of caramel! :)

  778. Cream and chickory

  779. Latte!

  780. Light and sweet…Like me.

  781. With cream and sugar. We have a mini at work.

  782. Angela Reid says:

    We make our coffee one cup at a time.

  783. light no sugar and preferably with an entenmann’s cinnamon bun! πŸ˜‰

  784. lisha driver says:


  785. Kimber Boshers says:

    Lots of cream, plain or flavored, and a touch of sugar

  786. Hot, with plenty of caramel creamer.

  787. Strong with two sweet-n-lows!

  788. Flavored Cream only! Thank You!

  789. with cream and sugar well stevia

  790. Karla Sceviour says:

    2 sugar,1 cream please! Or a nice french vanilla will do too..yum! :)

  791. Pumpkin creamer and a little sugar!

  792. I love hot, bold flavored coffee with a little flavored creamer!

    Thanks for the super giveaway!

  793. I like it with sugar and cream

  794. karen norris says:

    I love my coffee rich and black. I tried a Sumatran coffee at a friend’s house and would love to have my own Keurig to brew Sumatran coffee at mine.

  795. i like my coffee as hot as i can get it. And strong, sometime with cream and sugar sometimes just plain. Keurig coffee makers makes a good strong, hot cup of coffee , everytime.

  796. 2 creamers, 3 Splenda and in copious amounts!!!

  797. Chris Montgomery says:

    Love my coffee hot, black and strong!

  798. Danielle Avedissian says:

    Cream and sugar!

  799. Jeanette McDuffie says:

    Cream and extra sugar

  800. Jennifer Hermans says:

    I take mine decaf! Everything else varies depending on my mood…sometimes iced, sometimes hot….perhaps a little seasonal flavoring (my faves are pumpkin and peppermint!)

  801. Terri Shea says:

    I love a dark roast with Irish cream creamer

  802. Kim Sullivan says:

    Green Pumpkin Pumpkin Spice with cream and a touch of sugar – so yummy!

  803. Randy Wilson says:

    A little half & half & one sugar. Keurig brewers are the Best!

  804. Sally fountain says:

    Blonde and bitter like my ex

  805. Kim Johnson says:

    I would love to win a Keruig Brewer because not only can you make coffee but you can do Hot tea’s, hot chocolate and hot apple cider!!!! Yum!!!

  806. I prefer the hot chocolate πŸ˜‰

  807. Hot, Sweet and Creamy!

  808. Chandra Polley says:

    i take my coffee strong with alot of cream and a llitte sugar

  809. Some days black. Some days cream and sugar.

  810. I like mine with lots of creamer and sweet and low!! yummy!!

  811. Heather Stewart says:

    With sugar!

  812. I don’t drink coffee but it makes a great chia latte also <3

  813. Judith Rauch says:

    I take mine everywhere, and often with whipped cream!

  814. sherry beane says:

    At this time of the year, I love my coffee with pumpkin spice! Yum yum!

  815. Hot, over ice, black, with milk, with sugar, with flavored creamer–any way is fine with me!! I LOVE COFFEEEEEEEE

  816. Wow, that’s a perfect size for the office

  817. Creamer with a hint of coffee!!

  818. Black is the only way!

  819. with vanilla creamer

  820. Ma.Twinkle Sumcad says:

    I love my coffee to warm up my morning, cool my day with ice coffee to keep me going and get relaxed with my great tea. That’ how it makes me feel good 365 days ever!!!!! love it! Make me win!!:)

  821. With a flavored creamer.

  822. I like it in the ratio of 3/4 coffee, 1/4 milk.

  823. Serve mine up with cream and a little caramel flavored syrup, please.

  824. It really depends on my mood. Some days it’s black because I need to get the job done, some days I am feeling good and have earned a treat so I need a latte. I love having the choice!!

  825. I would love to win this!! I love my coffee hot and black!!

  826. Lots of flavored creamer,or a nice vanilla Capp K cup!

  827. Lots of cream and sugar. My coffee is more of a dessert!

  828. Why coffee, hot chocolate!

  829. I take my coffee with 2 creams, one sugar! I also like cappuccinos.

  830. Nathalie Michaud says:

    Very hot; with milk and sugar.

  831. I enjoy a latte with creme of coconut. When I’m studying for statistics, I like it black with two splendas.

  832. Just black, thank you.

  833. With. Hazelnut creamer

  834. Deborah Wood says:

    sweet & creamy

  835. lori kiges says:

    Lots of cream!

  836. Meghan Finley says:

    Half and half with a little sugar

  837. Cream and sugar ,love my coffee

  838. hot with cream

  839. Becky Pulido says:

    Hot, cold, lukewarm, black or blond, flavored is nice. I love coffee and I love Keurig! Thanks for entering me!!

  840. Melissa Banther says:

    French Vanilla Creamer with a splash of coffee. . .lol !!!

  841. Splash of French Vanilla Creamer, Splash of Hazelnut creamer. Splash of regular creamer. 1.75 Equal packets.

  842. Start my day off with Breakfast Blend, some Stevia and some milk. Great way to start the day! K-Cup, of course! Thank you!

  843. laura veytia says:

    I like my coffee with some creamer and stevia thanks for the giveaway

  844. Heather Mackenstadt says:

    I would love to have one of these to try all the fun teas! πŸ˜€

  845. Christina Landino says:

    I take my coffee seriousy…VERY seriously. πŸ˜‰ Okay, not really. :) I love sugar and creamer. Mmmmm…

  846. Coffee with cream and Stevia.

  847. Jessica Kirchner says:

    I love Pumpkin Spice coffee with Pumpkin Spice creamer so this is my FAVORITE time of year!!!

  848. Please oh please