Money-Saving Tips for Airfare

Folks will always have the desire to explore new places and experience new cultures, but with the economy still in flux, travelers will continue to need great deals as well. To help travelers find the best prices and get the most ‘bang’ for their travel buck, the experts at will be posting a series of can’t-miss tips in the coming weeks. To kick things off, this week’s list will focus on airfare advice.

Airfare continues to be a tough subject for many travelers and their wallets, and that’s no surprise as fares continue to remain high. But if you follow a few easy, insider tricks, you could potentially net hundreds of dollars in savings.


How to save on airfare:

1. Travelers should book early. The airlines typically follow a 21-day rule, where prices will start rising 21 days and closer to the departure date. So, try to book 3 weeks or more out. To save even more, try to purchase your tickets on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday, which is when prices tend to be the lowest.  Choosing to fly on those days will save you a bundle as well.

2. To get bigger savings, travelers should look to low-cost cost carriers and track where they are launching new routes. When low-cost carriers like Jet Blue or Southwest enter a new market, it prompts tough pricing competition, which results in great fare sales.

3. Shop discount sites like Hotwire. These sites will get excess inventory from the airlines and will work with suppliers to sell seats at highly discounted rates, sometimes up to 45% off on last-minute airfares.

4. Check alternative airports. Try flying into smaller, nearby airports and then drive to the final destination to save money. For example, Oakland instead of San Francisco.  The money folks can save by flying into alternative airports can easily make up for any extra gas costs, and the ease and convenience might prove valuable as well.

Now that we’ve covered airfare savings tips, next week we will provide tips on how to save on hotels.

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