Let Us Help You Achieve Your New Years Resolution with $100 Cash

Hey Ebates fans, we are so very appreciative of all the love you have shown us this year. from the giveaways to the great sales, our fans have show, time and time again, that they are totally tops. We want to kick off your New Year on the right foot by giving three Ebates fans $100 cash to help you achieve your New Year’s resolution.

New Years Giveaway


Entry is simple: Leave us a comment letting us know what your 2014 resolution is!


*Winners must be 18+ years old, reside in the United States, and be members of Ebates.com. This giveaway will be open through January 5, 2014.


  1. following through on my projects!

  2. To remodel my kitchen!

  3. Teresa Scarborough says:

    try to use more coupons

  4. Bonnie Arbuckle says:

    My new year’s resolution is to lose weight by eating healthy food

  5. Staying more organized.

  6. to try and be comfortable with myself and love myself as i am!

  7. To floss more!

  8. Pay down debt!

  9. My 2014 resolution is to be a better person all around- spiritually, physically, mentally, etc. Hoping on making some incredible changes this year.

  10. Maintaining healthy eating habits.

  11. To worry less and be happier!

  12. My resolution is to be more loving :)

  13. pay off my christmas debt lol

  14. My goal is to finish my BSN program in the year 2014

  15. Be more active.

  16. Love the skin I’m in

  17. I am loving Ebates!!!! My new year’s resolution is to use a coupon for everything!

  18. My resolution for 2014 is to lower my debt :)

  19. My New Year’s Resolution is to become the most rewarded customer in Ebates history!

  20. To listen and to be more understanding of others.

  21. To earn more cash-back with Ebates! I love this site! I need more references! 😀

  22. Darlene Ducker says:

    My 2014 resolution is to save as much money and time as possible using EBATES!!!

  23. I want to become more frugal.

  24. pamela collins jester says:

    To help even more people and animals next year!

  25. Being able to find job, and finishing my scrap booking projects that need to get completed !

  26. my resolution is to finally quit smoking for good!!!

  27. Be a better mom an get rid of extra baggage all the way around in my life

  28. it is a double resolution, both hubby and I need to lose weight so we both decided as of Jan 1st it is time to work out and eat healthier and try to keep stress out of our lives.

  29. My goal is to refer 5 more friends to this awesome site!!! Love earning my cash back 😀

  30. more time with family

  31. Susan Allard says:

    My New Year’s resolution is to exercise more, eat better and save money with Ebates!

  32. To have more patience

  33. to save more money!

  34. Save more money!

  35. My goal is to try to succeed in life

  36. Starting a new job!

  37. Oh boy – I seem to have too many of them! Become more organized and less cluttered. Get rid of all drama and people who cause the drama in my life. And of course . . . shop more! :)

  38. To use more coupons and Ebates when shopping online!

  39. My goal is to be more organized as well as to eat healthy

  40. My New Years resolution is to land a career job! No excuses I will accomplish this!

  41. To stick to a grocery budget.

  42. bertha corona says:

    I want to start using my scrapbook supplies to actually complete a book. I’ve been buying supplies for years!

  43. Melissa Banther says:

    To organize my storage room !!!

  44. Michelle Melady says:

    To be organized

  45. To of course lose weight and continue shopping through ebates

  46. spend more time with family and succeed in new job

  47. Spend less money!

  48. To make better choices in health, fitness, and finance! Thanks Ebates

  49. Michele Smolin says:

    Exercise more regularly. I have already started to eat more healthfully.

  50. I would like to get more organized in 2014!

  51. to have a good job!

  52. Well, I lost 55 pounds in 2013. I’d like to lose another 30 pounds in 2014, but it’ll be tough since I’ve already lost so much. I’m going to have to step up my game. I’m thinking arm and leg weights, longer walks, more runs, more activity.

  53. Marie Peterson says:

    To spend more time with my grandson. Doing fun things.

  54. To read a book a month!

  55. Karla Garcia says:

    My resolutions are to go on a vacation trip, get a 4.0 G.P.A. , and drink more water.

  56. To send more greeting cards!

  57. Jennie Zielinski says:

    My resolution is to be true to myself and to those that I love.

  58. Buy more and get more cash back from Ebates! I need a new digital camera :)
    Happy New Year to everyone!!!

  59. Debra Stoltz says:

    To try to put money into a savings account.

  60. Ann Marie Mones says:

    My 2014 goal is to learn how to relax a little and enjoy life!

  61. I plan to complete my 2nd bachelors degree and start a home-based business! :) HOORAY 2014!

  62. I resolve to focus on myself and live a healthier lifestyle!

  63. My last resolution was many years ago, and I’ve kept it faithfully. It was to quit making resolutions. Happy New Year!

  64. To spend more quality time with my family!

  65. Eat less fast food!

  66. My resolution for 2014 is to go somewhere I’ve never been before. $100 would go a long way towards that goal!

  67. elaine hathaway says:

    to get divorced

  68. Heather Speaks says:

    I’ve decided to adopt a positive outlook in light of my cancer diagnosis.

  69. Meal planning!

  70. to wake up each day in a positive way!

  71. Setting some serious financial goals along with savings for Christmas in 2014! Online shopping this year Mae shopping so much less stressful!

  72. To take time getting my house in order meaning cleaned and more organized!

  73. My goal is to stet back in school and finish my degree :) put it off for to many years already and this year is about me.

  74. Joey Fletcher says:

    My health declining over the years has secluded me. I’ve hidden myself from family, friends and the the world. After some life altering events this year that’s affected me and my entire family, my goal for 2014 is to live life again, and I’ve already started by having a wheelchair ramp installed just last week so I can leave the house.

  75. My goal is to be a thrifty shopper all year long so I am not rushed during the holiday seasons.

  76. try to use more coupons

  77. Getting back in shape.

  78. eat healthier

  79. Complete my nursing degree and be a blessing to others!

  80. Jeanette Dau says:

    Do better in school!

  81. Save enough money to re-do our kitchen

  82. Stephanie V. says:

    get healthy and do everything I can to keep my cancer suppressed!!

  83. Debi Hendricks says:

    to not make a resolution…

  84. To be emotionally, physically, and financially healthy in 2014 and beyond.

  85. actually do what I say I’m going to do.

  86. Rachel Grills-Botelho says:

    Spend more time with the family, travel more hopefully

  87. NY’14 goal: lose 20lbs!

  88. My goal is to eat healthier and exercise

  89. To organize and stay organized. That was last year’s resolution too. lol Fingers crossed.

  90. I plan to go back t o school so I can change my career so I’m saying I need to better myself .

  91. melissa asaro says:

    lose weight

  92. Carrie Bretz says:

    Get my house ready to put on the market. Time for a move in 2014.

  93. Lose weight!

  94. 2014 resolution is to spend less and save more. By that I mean why travel to buy things, instead buy things online and get cash back, shopping for sites that provide free shipping and promo codes. Also I hope to travel some where this upcoming year, i honestly need a vacation.

  95. my new year resolution is double my money in stock market

  96. Karen maryfield says:

    To start my shopping earlier to get even healthier help others and spread the word to everyone about ebates help other ppl save and money and make money while they shop!

  97. My new Years resolution is to continue to be a non smoker. But, also, to loose some of this weight that Ive gained since I quit!! Quit smoking to be healthier, then gain so much weight, its unhealthy lol. So, Im going to get healthy this year!!!

  98. Heather Cook says:

    To lose a little weight.

  99. Diane miller says:

    definetly to lose weight and get rid of thw things i no longer use

  100. George Sydenstricker says:

    Lose the 30 lbs that I gained this fall!

  101. My goal is to get healthier, help my husband get healthier, and live my life to the fullest! Thanks Ebates for being so good to me this year!

  102. My New Years resolution is to save more money on purchases so I can go on a nice trip with my family.

  103. Be prepared for those financial emergencies

  104. My resolution is to save as much money as possible so my fiance and I can make a down payment on a house after our wedding.

  105. Angie K. Longmore says:

    My goal is to finally open and fully invest in a Roth IRA.

  106. I want to help the animal rescue dogs, I’m so tired of seeing abused animals…

  107. My new years resolution is to save as much money as i can to help pay off my debt faster and to utilize ebates to the best to its fullest capacity!

  108. To save better

  109. This year I’m going to try extra hard to lose that weight I claim I’m going to lose every year.

  110. Sheila Fiske says:

    My goal is to be more active in 2014!

  111. Kimberly Johnson says:

    Be more organized and get healthy for myself and my family

  112. Karla Sceviour says:

    save more money

  113. Pay off some debt and live life to its fullest

  114. Jessica Hardesty says:

    Fixing our credit so we can take steps to buying our own house!

  115. Tanya Chin Ross says:

    I resolve to save more money and not sweat the small stuff!

  116. Amber Nichols says:

    My resolution: Get a new camera AND….pay off or pay down some bills. I want to be caught up on everything this year.

  117. We’re remodeling our kitchen!

  118. Patti Goldberg says:

    My New Years Resolution is to use Ebates more in 2014!!!

  119. save more money!!!

  120. Our goal is to buy a new house this year!

  121. my goal is to loss weight and get my sugar levels lowers since I am a diabetic.

  122. Imani Williams says:

    My resolution is to take time to keep in touch more with those I love. I need to visit a lot more than I do.

  123. I look forward to saving more money this year just by being aware of my wants and needs!

  124. LaTanya Bennett says:

    I resolve to win more sweepstakes and giveaways!! :-)

  125. To save more and put money towards our first home. Using Ebates will help me save for sure! Thanks!

  126. Ashley Powell says:

    Save Money :-)

  127. No more unecessary gadgets.

  128. To be more organized!

  129. Heidi Mueller says:

    Continue to pay down credit card debt.

  130. Take better care of myself as my health is not where it should be.

  131. Rita Schineis says:

    My resolution is to do more with less and teach my children the meaning of value over glitz!

  132. To save more money!

  133. Being more patient with people and saving more money

  134. Angelina fletcher says:

    To spend more quality time with the family, and spend less time worrying.

  135. Edward macias says:

    After two years of being unable to run because of an injury I plan on doing that again in the new year. That and read 5 books.

  136. PAY IT FORWARD. Helping people who need it. What a great feeling.

  137. To shop on ebates to save more and earn more!

  138. My main resolution is to get a higher paying job. At the district level. I know I can do it…I just need to apply myself and believe in myself!

  139. Carolyn Call says:

    Mine is a 3 part First: to keep my daughter seizure free the whole year Second: take my girls to Disney world Third: get heathy

  140. Lose weight to get off meds and help my stress level.

  141. My New Year resolution to spend more time with my hubby and improve my listening skills. And be more Patience.

  142. Michelle Halloran says:

    Shop more, spend less!

  143. Buy a house

  144. To grow my own food.

  145. I will start my goals by writing things down. That’s my first goal!

  146. declutter!

  147. Michelle Simons says:

    Walk extra miles, bike ride more often and see my family more then i did in 2013

  148. Get rid of the clutter.

  149. Stay organized and less stressed!

  150. My New Years resolution is to be debt free.

  151. We’re having a baby!

  152. To lower debt so I’ll be able to get more deals so I can help more people out than I did this year.

  153. To materialize some Big Ideas on my Head!!!

  154. Bump up the exercise routine a little bit and try to lose some weight

  155. Berenice Herrera says:

    Finishing everything I start.

  156. Exercise more, eat less!
    (And earn a Big Fat check or two with Ebates!)

  157. Deidre Mills says:

    Remodel our bathroom! (do it ourselves to save $$)

  158. I have 2 resolutions. In 2014 I want to continue to lose weight. I am down 135 lbs so I am determined to stick with it. I also want to give my family some financial freedom! I just started a new job to help with bills so I am working towards both! Happy New Year!

  159. Make sure everyone I care about KNOWS that I care about them.
    Not take one day for granted because we are not promised tomorrow.

  160. Mary LaBelle says:

    To lose weight in 2014.

  161. Reinvent myself!!!

  162. Elizabeth Wheatley says:

    To get in better shape, get caught up on our bills, and help pur church.

  163. Barbara Downes says:

    saving cash for a new car

  164. To finally get my driver’s license!

  165. Get settled into married life in the best way!

  166. To be more diligent at speaking calmly & not raising my voice in stressful situations, no matter the conduct or demeanor of others. In other words, to experience more peace in my life :)

  167. NAIDA PIERCE says:

    pay off medical bills

  168. To have more people sign up for Ebates with my personal link

  169. My goal for 2014 is to finally get my college degree

  170. Pay off my debt and keep saving money. I am learning from my BIG mistakes. I hope to make my husband proud!

  171. To pay off all my debt and to get healthy!

  172. Get more organized and stay that way

  173. take better care of myself

  174. david higley says:

    To continue to exercise and keep my back strong

  175. Take better care of myself to be able to take better care of the grandkids who live with us.

  176. Kimberly Hamilton says:

    To pay down on our credit card debt and lose weight!

  177. Elaine Miller says:

    sweet stuff!

  178. Start yoga to better take care of my body, eat cleaner, and save money (with the help of ebates!)

  179. My 2014 goal will be to save even more money than I did in 2013. Ebates is an incredible help in achieving my goal. I love getting the Ebates rebate checks in the mail. It’s rare to find a “no strings attached” offer but Ebates is one of them. Thank you Ebates!

  180. To lose the extra pounds I put on!!!

  181. To buy a wonderful birthday gift for my awesome husband!

  182. Get healthy…eat right, excercise, get enough sleep, lose weight!

  183. To be more loving and give more to others less fortunate.

  184. To loose a couple pounds.

  185. Finish getting the weight off.

  186. To achieve a healthy weight and continue with my education.

  187. Kerin Griffin says:

    Start my daughters college fund!

  188. Save money and lose weight!

  189. A healthier me

  190. We are hoping that the house we want goes through, and we are moved in by March 2014!

  191. Pay it forward!

  192. To lose 100lbs so I don’t have to have surgery

  193. Linda Nguyen says:

    I’d love to pay off a credit card and lose some pesky unwanted pounds, as usual!

  194. Survive my book release in September.

  195. I will have NO broken bones this year!!

  196. To enjoy every day and focus on the things that are good!

  197. To be more organized!

  198. Barbara Diffie says:

    To refinish my wooden floors and spend more time with grandkids!

  199. Love Ebates, the rebates come in handy when those Christmas bills start rolling in.

  200. My goal is to get exercising!

  201. I am thinking that I may retire this year and spend time with my hubby.

  202. Kerry Whitman says:

    My resolution is to put more work in my house…painting rooms, cleaning out and freshening up!

  203. Kathy Springer says:

    Lose weight!

  204. finding my dream home… affordable & eco-friendly with a small footprint

  205. To get more exercise.

  206. Mary Ann Conti says:

    To eat healthier and be more organized

  207. Janice C. In NY says:

    Get healthy physically and financially!

  208. To become a vegetarian!

  209. Get rid of all my debt

  210. My goal is to get more organized and declutter.

  211. Pay off all but 1 of my credit cards!!

  212. Amy Saiauskie says:

    I’d give it to my son so he doesn’t need to worry about gas for 2 weeks!

  213. go back to school and get my degree

  214. Cindy Brooks says:

    I’m going to get all my photos organized, printed, and backed up!

  215. To finally obtain my associates degree!

  216. I would use it to get my book for college and gas.

  217. Maricruz romero says:

    Buy my first home, begin working out once more, better saving plan!

  218. spending time with family is important.this is what my new years resolution is, and I also want to have a lot of people shopping on my website so I can make more money to shop on Ebates (-;

  219. My goal is to finish whatever I begin!

  220. Use more coupons!

  221. 2014 is going to be a year for home improvement projects… Have to keep shopping smart by using Ebates!!!

  222. To obtain employment in a job that I love!

  223. spending time with family is very important this is why I want a lot of people to shop on my website so I can make more money to shop Ebates (-;

  224. Kristeen Knight says:

    To be more active in my community and to clean more…

  225. My goal for 2014 help my family become closer to God.

  226. Have a more positive attitude!

  227. Purchase a home for my family!!

  228. My goal is to be more easy going, more relaxed, and don’t sweat the small stuff!

  229. To excercise and get fit.

  230. Heather Marie says:

    I have enjoyed the holidays and now it is time to get back on track! I am going to start trail running again… The $100 would buy a new pair of running shoes.

  231. Kristi Berning says:

    To organize all rooms of my home…

  232. teresa harvey says:

    Appreciate more, live every moment, enjoy more. I’ve spent a full yr of my dad living with me and his full care giver. He has alzheimer. Life is too short. I’m going to be happy more!

  233. I resolve to be more patient

  234. My new year’s resolution is to lose weight by walking ,eating healthy foods & overall stable mental heath

  235. Loose weight!

  236. Happy holidays! Wish 2014 is a better, happier, and more successful year!

  237. Machelle Lamb says:

    My resolutions this year are to save money and be more organized.

  238. margaret brady says:

    Be a better person

  239. To enjoy my life and have a full time job.

  240. This year my goal is to organize our new house!

  241. To add special dietary needs as a niche for my destination wedding and travel business as I’ve been on a similar journey for over a year and can personally relate to the need for awareness in the special dietary needs travel field. Thank you for allowing me to share.

  242. Put more cash into savings.

  243. Save more money couponing.Purchase a home.

  244. stay positive

  245. julie gutierrez says:

    My resolution is to eat healthier 😉

  246. Cathy Redden says:

    I would love to walk again, then go workout and get my strength back!

  247. Paying off some debt!

  248. Get into shape

  249. Pay my bills and start saving for a house!

  250. To get healthy……I had a rough year with illness and surgeries and hope to get better in 2014.

  251. Living debt free

  252. Kelly Voreis says:

    To be more frugal and take time for myself

  253. To get organized and save money!

  254. Get organized.

  255. To have more patience.

  256. Connie Mitchell says:

    To spend more time with my family.I realize life is way to short.

  257. Kristine Ewald says:

    To pay off debt and stress less. :)

  258. To eat right lose weight an get more exercise. And to stop putting things off til the last minute .making it impossible to get things done.

  259. To organize my house.

  260. eat healthier

  261. Get into shape!

  262. My goal is for my husband and I to become pregnant and have a baby!

  263. Make time for exercise

  264. get healthy, get a life thats not on a comp 😉 and be happy

  265. shannon clubb says:

    get my own place to live so my son can come stay with me while he is getting better and fighting his mental illness. I live with roommates and he cant stay with me where i live. i am trying desperately to get a place.

  266. To not stress over things i cannot control

  267. be more ambitious

  268. Kathleen Taylor says:

    Take the time to practice random acts of kindness every day.

  269. Eat more healthy food and exercise more.

  270. to drink more water, be more active,
    find a job in my field.

  271. My resolution is to find a job, a home and get in shape.

  272. To get more organized

  273. I am getting married in 2014 so going to make it the best year ever!!!!

  274. Lose a bit of weight

  275. Would love to win the ebates cash to help payoff some of my dental bills

  276. steven ahner says:

    I would like to find more time to relax and lose some weight golf more

  277. Eat healthy and exercise more!

  278. To take better care of myself!

  279. I’d like to learn how to sew in 2014!

  280. My resolution is to finally start my own jewelry business!

  281. To be debt free.

  282. Would like to spend more time with loved ones!!

  283. shelia Richardson says:

    I am going to focus on the positives in my life, one day at a time.

  284. dont worry….be happy

  285. My goal is to get pregnant,,,

    I have been waiting 41 years for the “right” man to come along and he finally has,,, so now,,, I get to work on the rest of it !!!!

  286. Will finish my kids bathroom. they would be so happy

  287. To get more financially stable

  288. to kick my twitter obsession!

  289. Save more

  290. Susan Basler says:

    To live more simple life

  291. ericka coello says:

    be more organized

  292. my goal is to help the less fortunate there is so many homeless people all over
    I wish I could help so many of them in Myrtle Beach Carolina they live in the woods no place for them to live at , I made friends with a lot of them when I lived there
    I am trying to bring awareness of this happening there the police there arrest them for being homeless they don’t have any choice so this is my wish to help people who need it

    • Suzanne Byrne says:

      Tammy, you can’t get arrested for being homeless. It certainly isn’t, and never was, a crime.
      Speaking on behalf of the law enforcement community, you are trying to project some ill-conceived idea that all police are evil people who arrest people for no crime, just the fun of it.
      There is no fun involved in an arrest. It’s a lot of work, and there has to be a legitimate reason. So kindly keep your uninformed ideas to yourself.

  293. to lose 20 lbs

  294. Purchase our own home!

  295. Redoing the basement !

  296. I vow to get outside more

  297. prepare my resume for future jobs.

  298. Catherine Shaw says:

    My resolution is to approach life with more zest!

  299. Be more active in 2014

  300. Sabrina Balas says:

    Shop more :)

  301. To lose 30 more pounds!

  302. Debbie Morris says:

    Being that I will be getting a new puppy in 2014 my goal is to feed a healthy diet and not llet her be Subject to chemicals…because this time around I will be doing my homework. .

  303. Definitely gotta reduce my own debt! Gonna use Ebates a whole lot more to help cut expenses!

  304. My goal is to go to gym n loose weight n eat more healthy

  305. Wish all Ebates team a prosperous and happy new year. I survive the holidays by buying online through ebages. I also enjoy the service from your team, always prompt and nice in solving customer’s problem!! Happy holidays!!

  306. To use more coupons, add more money to my 401K and emergency fund.

  307. Melissa Alvarado says:

    To lose weight and exercise (classic)

  308. Kick this disease in the butt and get back to work!

  309. Eveline Hershberger says:

    To start a new career!

  310. Wish all Ebates team a prosperous and happy new year. I survive the holidays by buying online through ebates. I also enjoy the service from your team, always prompt and nice in solving customer’s problem!! Happy holidays!!
    My resolution is to stay fit and enlighten people around me!! My target is to achieve 110 pounds and I would help one person a day either by listening or do something good for them. So, I should be able to make at least 365 persons happy ones next year!!!Yeahhhh

  311. I need to eat better this year as my husband of 60 years had a mild heart attack at Christmas so I need to resolve to help him make healthier choices.

  312. Exercise more!

  313. Jennifer Caley says:

    My 2014 goal is to raise chickens and be more self sustainable

  314. Unleash my inner creative goddess, do yoga every damn day, give up pop, stress less!

  315. Cynthia Matz-Smith says:

    More money in and less money out

  316. Hopefully Finally fix up this house after I find a job

  317. Tracy Easley says:

    Save money!

  318. To use coupons and paybacks to make a wedding happen in April.

  319. I really need to lose some weight and get healthier-I am a diabetic and this is so important so I am going to get it under control.

  320. Yani Animuss says:

    I want to live a healthier life and help more homeless animals.

  321. In 2014, I want to procrastinate less. It hinders EVERYTHING I do!

  322. I want to go back to school for nursing.

  323. Save more!! Have less stuff!! That’s two goals but they kind of go together!

  324. Spend more time visiting with friends & family.

  325. To find the positive

  326. Keep my house clean and uncluttered throughout the year so that I don’t stress over company coming over!

  327. Pauline Nguyen says:

    My goal for 2014 is to complete my certification program, apply to a different school for another, better degree, get certified to teach English as a foreign language in Asia…my goal is to also visit my friend in another country. Continue to save up more money.

  328. Make my Business successful, become stable and to find true happiness.

  329. My goal is to pay off my last school loan.

  330. Organize the house

  331. To remember and use ebates all the time when I shop online. So I can get money back no matter what the purchase or percentage amount it is…. saving money!


  333. Use ebates more! Especially after my rebate arrived today.

  334. The old stand-bys: Lose weight; have a more positive attitude; organize!

  335. Sandra Marten says:

    My goal in 2014 is to reach my Weight Watchers goal weight to help remain cancer free. Also to partcipate in 3 cancer fund raisers with my 2 sisters who also have breast cancer.

  336. Organize All Aspects Of My Life….Home, Health/Weight And Finances And Finally Work On All the Projects Ive Been Putting off.E

  337. To simplify and enjoy the important things..

  338. I want to save even more money than I saved this year so I can help more people next year!

  339. To STOP stresSING!

  340. Well not gone make a New Year Resolution because every time I make one I never stick to it, that why I m not going to make New Year Resolution my plans always goes the other way.

  341. My 2014 resolution is to travel to Montana!

  342. To get more organized!!!!!

  343. Only buy if its on sale!!!!

  344. Stop talking about what I need to do & actually do it. I want to rebuild my self confidence.

  345. My New Years Resolution is to spend more time doing what really matters.

  346. Becky Kochert says:

    To become healthier and thinner. To use Ebates website more than just at Christmas and special occasions.

  347. To be a better daughter.

  348. Get a massage, yesssurrrrrieeeeeeee…………

  349. To lose the weight I gained from quitting smoking.

  350. i really havent got a pot to piss in:(

  351. Be more positive

  352. I want to spend more time with my parents and take care of my mom

  353. To drink more water!

  354. This year my new years resolution is to spend more time with my family.

  355. Make more time for my family and friends

  356. Rid my life of the negative. My health and family come first.

  357. Try to be less nervous.

  358. to buy more from ebates!

  359. Get the screws out of my spine.

  360. Lose weight, stop spending so much money and be more patient.

  361. Melissa Koltes says:

    Stick to my health plan

  362. Dennie Armitage says:

    To clean out all the old paperwork

  363. Organizing household papers!

  364. Michael D. Ward says:

    Some of my 2014 goals are to become better organized and find more ways to help my son who has autism. I already do running for cardio but would like to also work on upper body strength. Now that I am back to being single then I hope I can be successful in the dating scene and eventually find the right match.

  365. Get healthy and debt free!

  366. Going to try and quit smoking with the help of the Patch

  367. My New Years resolution will improve the joy in both my life and my families life. My resolution is to love myself and my family unconditionally (warts and all).

  368. run a half marathon!

  369. Basement organization!

  370. a more positive outlook

  371. Robert Fullenwider says:

    My wife and I are going to try to get healthier and get more done!

  372. I want to drink more water and exercise at least 5 days a week!

  373. To eat better and be more active.

  374. Youngri Groff says:

    Pay off car payment, shop thrifty, read more books,travel with kids:)

  375. Sonia Hancock says:

    To loose weight and use the $100 to buy new clothes!!!

  376. My resolution is to actually stick the resolutions! :)

  377. Cindy S Patterson says:

    Remodel kitchen and bath, spend more time with family and to use Ebates more. I did all of my Christmas shopping on line…made my life so much easier

  378. Get a healthier, happier lifestyle!

  379. Get healthier, stop smoking

  380. Maryanne Brown says:

    My major goal is to start my own business – teaching English to speakers of other languages – in new places — online, in workplaces, and in community programs.

  381. To lose the weight my doctor has told me I have to lose (pre-diabetic)

  382. Eat healthier and exercise more!

  383. To start at family budget and save money

  384. Cristina Crowell says:

    My goal is to be more frugal! Coupons and ebates is a must!

  385. I love this site….just got my first check in the mail! Thank you!

  386. sue killgore says:

    My goal for 2014 is to start even earlier on Christmas planning, even though we thought we had started early enough this year.

  387. Save more money!

  388. Be a better person than I was this year

  389. To use ebates more, and to help as many people as I can throughout the New Year.

  390. To stress less about the small stuff.

  391. Just keep my head above water and using websites like ebates that pay me for shopping

  392. Angie Probst says:

    To Volunteer More!!!

  393. Lose 50 lbs.

  394. save more money and lose weight!

  395. Clean my house! (or hire someone to do it for me!)

  396. Save money and stay committed to going to the gym. Always use ebates

  397. karen emmons says:

    declutter my home and life

  398. relearn joyful running

  399. To make it a better year than 2013 and have a fresh start in a new place with a new fantastic family.

  400. Elaine Bishop says:

    My goal is to help my husband feel better. He fell at work Dec 2012 and hasn’t been able to go back and he will probably be on disability until he is able to retire. He is in pain a lot so I try to find things to help take his mind off of it.

  401. do better on my spending

  402. Try to have a more positive outlook on life and remember to use ebates more!!!

  403. Patrick Slider says:

    I want to shop smarter, spend wiser, and give freely!

  404. I resolve to use ebates.com for every online purchase!

  405. to lose 30 pounds and eat healthier.

  406. To stop making New Years resolutions and just get it done.

  407. I resolve to help rescue more kitties.

  408. Johanne LaurinCastonguay says:

    My new year’s resolution is to lose weight by eating healthy food! :-)

  409. Finish working on my debt reduction started in 2013!

  410. I resolve to run more and eat less (or more healthy).

  411. Make a little more time for me!

  412. to open up that little store online that i have been wanting to.

  413. Rebecca Karangelovski says:

    Want to inctease my family with one more lil bundle of joy! hoping to hav a house full of healthy boys to love!!

  414. Kellie Rose Wilson says:

    I vow to do more kind things for people on a daily basis in 2014 :)

  415. Barbara Keith says:

    To lose the last of this baby weight and get more organized.

  416. My new years resolution is to loose weight be more patient and have energy to play with my children and help mt son,to get all the therapies he needs and to get a an answer of what conditon my son has….

  417. Be even better about buying with the least expensive alternative,

  418. Better Nurse & Mother says:

    My goal for 2014 is to be a better nurse and mother. I will have our second child in February and finish my next degree by the end of the year, while working full time as a nurse and get back to my pre-husband weight!

  419. My hope is to read, visit, hug and love more!!!

  420. To get back on track with my career in 2014! Thanks.

    Diana C

  421. My new year’s resolution is to be MORE CREATIVE for my son’s!!!

  422. thank you guy lets win.

  423. Jennifer Gepfrey says:

    Lose weight, get organized, me more frugal and have more fun in LIFE.

  424. Lose 20 lbs.

  425. Lose significant weight, get in shape and graduate with Master’s Degree!

  426. to spend more time with grand kids

  427. Saving money spending more time with my loved ones.

  428. My 2014 resolution is to lose weight and get back into my favorite jeans.

  429. Be less judgemental

  430. to golf and exercise more

  431. Wendy Klement says:

    To pay bills and get organized

  432. To do more to help others!

  433. Would love to use EBATES for accessories to workout and be healthy in the New Year

  434. To keep exercising and improve my aerobic capacity

  435. Spend more time with family and friends!

  436. raquel perez says:

    To be a lot more active so I can hopefully lose some weight :)

  437. 2014 is the year I turn 50 year old. Plan of action is to continue saving towards retirement, upgrades to the house, more family time, hopefully visiting to New York for the first time, and qualifying for bigger Big Fat Checks from Ebates.

  438. To eat better…all of the time!

  439. Get a job and lose some weight..Ebates..YES

  440. To be happy and bring happiness

  441. Tell more people about Ebates love getting money for doing something love to do. Also get healthy

  442. steve levine says:

    Thanks for all your FREE MONEY!!
    Perhaps you can triple it (or more) in ’14???
    Much Appreciated!!

  443. I want to promote out to manager this year!

  444. SHOP MORE! :-)

  445. Getting my health back up even more.

  446. My Resolution is to do one good deed everyday for 2014. Whether its small like giving up my seat on the bus or big like volunteer work or fundraising.

  447. Stephen Thompson says:

    To Run at least 2 Miles a day

  448. To be open to new experiences!

  449. Run a 1/2 marathon.

  450. To get a handle on our families finances! Take control of them and by this time next year we will be sitting more comfortably.

  451. To quit smoking and maintain my 4.0 GPA for grad school!!

  452. To eat and cook healthier all the time, although we have been since September, to continue for the rest of our lives…

  453. Laura Harper says:

    My resolution for 2014 is to be a home owner.

  454. my new years resolution is to lose the weight ive been wanting to lose for so long.
    i always say ‘tomorrow’. well my resolution is to stop saying ‘tomorrow’ and start saying ‘today’

  455. To travel more

  456. To save money and go on a nice vacation.

  457. To spend more time with family and friends.

  458. Brady Wallace says:

    Mine is to eat healthier.

  459. Wanda Jordan says:

    To become a more disciplined person in my walk with God and that will take care of everything else. If I put Him first it’ll all work out.

  460. Marlane Barker says:

    My 2014 goal is to step out of my comfort zone and have a nice comment daily for at least two people who cross my path.

  461. To worry less!

  462. to walk more daily

  463. To be more confident n to worry less n love more ❤️

  464. make more time for me, I never do that any more. wanna go to the gym!

  465. Patricia Caradonna says:

    My 2014 resolution is to eat healthier and eliminate junk food.

  466. My resolution is to get to all of my appointments on time or get there early. Also to stop procrastinating and lastly to get a good job.

  467. to volunteer more in my comminuity

  468. My resolution would be to not wait till the last minute to shop for presents and to do more on line shopping.

  469. debbie binder says:

    To practice living in the moment, not the past or the future

  470. John Goudreau says:

    quit smoking and get my teeth fixed

  471. shannon perkins says:

    to save more money and get ahead!!

  472. to visit my family out of state more-every time I see them I vow to see them more

  473. to eat healthy, lose weight, and exercise more. connie danielson

  474. Betty Girardeau says:

    Always remembering to shop Ebates first before accessing any other websites.

  475. To buy more American Made items!!!!

  476. Edward Lindeman says:

    My goal in 2014 is to really start getting ready for retirement. It probably won’t actually occur for another five to six years at least, and we’ve been preparing for 35 years, but I want to insure that we are able to enjoy retirement and not have to depend on our government.

  477. sangeeth raghunathan says:

    Weight loss …this has been my goal every year ….and this one too…I am hoping this will be the last year with this goal ;p

  478. roy claycomb says:

    to spend more time with the family

  479. Cut back on working long hours and enjoy some fun time!

  480. Denise Bassham says:

    To get at least 10000 steps in per day and drink fewer soft drinks.

  481. Shelbie Johnston says:

    To MOVE out of this horrible apartment!

  482. My goal is to be more organized so I can hopefully save more $$$ in the coming year!

  483. Walk 3 times a week

  484. I resolve in 2014 to save more mo
    ney shopping at thrift stores(in turn helps the needy),spend more time excerising, and help more people at my church!!

  485. Lose 70 pounds! I’ve lost 40 since August

  486. To be fit and healthy! I don’t want to lose weight, I want to gain muscle mass! :)

  487. Get out of debt!

  488. My resolution for 2014 is to stop procrastinating. Thanks for the opportunity!


  490. Melody Dawson says:

    To get thru nursing school!!!

  491. Michelle Thayer says:

    Learn how to use my new dslr.

  492. Clarence Lau says:

    In the new year, I would like to exercise more and be more adventurous!

  493. Ashley Barker says:

    My resolution is to continue living a with a progressive mindset and focusing on being the best me I can be.

  494. My goal for 2014 is to hire a personal trainer to assist me in losing 25LBS and working my way back to athletic form.

  495. My new year resolution is to save money!

  496. My resolution is to be kinder, “paying it forward”.

  497. to have a better year than this one

  498. Declutter

  499. Our goal is to buy our first home together! :-)

  500. To pay off my debt :)

  501. to be more healthy, save money, spend more time with family and get more sleep

  502. Jack Saviola says:

    Improve control of personal finances.

  503. My resolution is to lose enough weight to look good in my bellydance costume.

  504. Pay debt and build a new house.

  505. To sew more dresses

  506. My new year will be to lose some WEIGHT and keep with it

  507. Anthony Wigley says:

    To lose weight.

  508. My resolution is the same every year……….live every day like there is no tomorrow

  509. I pray I get will and get of all the meds im on so I can go back to work its been a heard 4 year on my husband he dose all the cooking and thing around the house and he gos and put in an 8 hour job I feel so sorry for him coues I cant stand in one pleas at a time and to anything im always in pain and they cant stop it my heart gos out to him he dose all that and don’t say any thing about it the only thing he said is that he is my husband and it his please to help me I love him so much and he stays by may bed side when I go in to the hospail and takes care of me there to he is a good man the best one I have ever meet

  510. I wont to get of all the meds im on so I can go back to work I wont to I hope the new year comeing in I can do that

  511. My new years resolution is to shop more and earn more cash back from ebates!!!

  512. Spend more time making my family smile…especially my little guy.

  513. To live with love in my heart everyday..for others and for myself.

  514. I wont to stop smoking I need to stop

  515. To get more organized and declutter.

  516. Barbara Hrabik says:

    To live each day to the fullest and to find Happiness that I desparately need..Live..Laugh and Love..

  517. To stand up for myself like I do for others.

  518. To spend more time with family

  519. To write an inspirational book and doing outreach into the community.

  520. Rachel Hanson says:

    I want to consolidate debt!

  521. To be slow to anger with my children

  522. get less stressed and more accomplished

  523. To start a healthy lifestyle!

  524. 2014 is going to be all about DECLUTTERING!

  525. Shelly Mueller says:

    To lose 30 MORE lbs for a total of 100 lbs lost. And to manage my money better and always use ebates!!!

  526. Francine Lou says:

    Continuing with my goal to put more of a bonus toward my two daughters future college education!

  527. Take good care of my family and my baby coming in the new year.

  528. As a Pro blogger, I would like to promote ebates on my blogs and drive good traffic and leads to ebates. Thereby increasing my affiliate earnings

  529. Spend more time with my wife and kids.

  530. Learn how to get around our European duty station via the train system!

  531. kathy staton says:

    Make more money, save more money.

  532. Saving enough money to buy at least 20 disney shares by the end of 2014!

  533. Robin Kennedy says:

    To finish our patio and remodel the kitchen

  534. to be kinder to those people I met

  535. to reduce the stress and my life and do yoga

  536. Delores Edwards says:

    Be more organized in our meal planning and cleaning schedules so that we will have more relaxing family time!

  537. My resolution is to exercise more.

  538. My goal for 2014 is to give more to charity and causes I believe in.

  539. To live in each moment and be thankful. Organize, weed out, exercise and eat even better by eliminating the many toxic foods that we are fooled in to eating.

  540. Kathy McAlpin says:

    Stop procrastinating and remember to go to a Ebates first when I shop online.

  541. Judy Thompson says:

    would like to lose at least 10# a lot more but I’ll start with 10 # thanks for the chance <3

  542. Finish two entire books and buy a new home.

  543. Weight loss (ugh). I want to be healthy, and be around to watch my children grow up.

  544. This New Year I am helping people under privileged like homeless, hungry, etc in every manner possible. Donate my time to children seeking direction & be extremely nice to everyone because we never know what others are going through.

  545. Run a 5K!

  546. Introduce more people to ebates, andlet God take care of the rest. HAPPY NEW EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  547. My new years resolution is to get my boyfriends debts taken care of so we can continue on with our future. To work hard and take care of business.

  548. Russel Cepeda says:

    Help other’s that doesn’t have anything;-)

  549. I resolve to focus more ony passions, to lose 70 lbs, and to find a more perfect job for myself!

  550. Deborah Cahill says:

    LOVE Ebates. My resolution is to use it more often for better deals! Show me the money!

  551. I want to spend more time one on one with each of my kids and husband and finish getting myself healthy.

  552. Brianna Guest says:

    To become a better student, friend and family member.

  553. I want to live healthy and stress free lifestyle and enjoy the little things a little bit more

  554. Remember to go through ebates every time I shop online

  555. Jennifer Robinson says:

    To get healthier, and get off some of my meds. By the way I love ebates

  556. My resolution is to clean out my closet, and donate all the items I’m not using that are taking-up space.

  557. Harry Chahal says:

    Eat healthy and exercise

  558. Michael Drago says:

    To volunteer more and to remember it is not about me.

  559. Spending less and saving more. I need a bigger retirement fund!

  560. I resolve to actually take a vacation in 2014!

  561. Alyssa Lubic says:

    Stick to something… ANYTHING! LOL

  562. To make changes in my life both big and small.

  563. My resolution for 2014 is to spend more time on me. The past 6 years have been devoted completely to my children and I have let myself and my happiness go by the wayside.

  564. I’m leaving a bad relationship and making time to concentrate on making myself happy.

  565. Using more coupons and remembering to shop through Ebates!!!

  566. To workout at least twice a week

  567. Brandy Carlson says:

    To live a happier, more fulfilling life.

  568. Remee Montagna says:

    I am going to spend more time with my kids and less time working, because you never know what could happen to change your life.

  569. To find balance in my life

  570. to be a happier soul and enjoy life again O:)


  572. Stick to my eating healthier plan.

  573. Get more financial freedom.

  574. To stop working 7 days a week to cover for my employees and instead delegate their work back to them so I can spend time with my grandkids before they grow up.

  575. Take more time for myself.

  576. not to work so hard

  577. workout more.

  578. eat healthy & workout!

  579. Doing everything in a Positive way, with a Positive mind set. Sticking to the (GOALS) that I set ,and in doing this the Sky is the limited.. this is why a Positive Way ,and Positive Mind Set, points in the Direction to Make the Sky’s the limited; And, if this is done, I, you and who every wants this will get THERE!!!!!

  580. Carrie Lopez says:

    Spend lots of time with my 13 of my grandchildren building our family tree and tell them stories about family members they’ll never know personally, and teach them how past family history has helped to form their present.

  581. To save a much money as I can!!!

  582. Learn to appreciate all that I have and take time to stop and smell the roses!

  583. To get help & conquer addiction

  584. To become a better wife, mother and friend.

  585. Be more consistent in staying active and eating healthy foods.

  586. Ashley McCormick says:

    To get my house organized and to keep it organized and to complete my crochet projects!

  587. My goal is to finish my degree in 2014. Only 36 credits to go!

  588. Eat healthier

  589. To create lil miracles for others.

  590. I plan to make and keep to a budget. I hope to make better choices when shopping!

  591. Carrie Bartlett says:

    Play with my kids more!

  592. Increase my 401K contributions 1-2% more than the current amount.

  593. Yuxiang Wang says:

    I want to get it because of my poor …

  594. more excercise and eating more fruits/veggies

  595. LESLIE STOCKTON says:


  596. Give back to my community

  597. Trista Aitken says:

    I plan to paint. Decorate. Start a blog. Finsh home projects we’ve already started.

  598. Laurel Simmons says:

    Same goal as every year unfortunately…to lose weight. 😉

  599. Pay off debts and save towards a house

  600. Michael Marzella says:

    catching up on my bills.

  601. Lose more weight so I can eventually be off my diabetes med.

  602. I want to continue going to college. Just started at age 63

  603. lara castillo says:

    save more, coupon more and pay off some debt!

  604. My goal is to be more positive and try to limit negative comments.

  605. to declutter and de-stress my life!

  606. To live a healthier life!

  607. Exercise + Eating Healthier = Weight Loss!!!! <3

  608. My goal is to get healthier and in better shape

  609. To remember to use ebates every time I shop!

  610. to actually DO something … other than sit!

  611. Lose the other 75 pounds of the 100 pounds I need to lose

  612. a new job is my goal for 2014

  613. Kim Fairbank says:

    My 2014 resolution is to make more plans!

  614. Exercise more

  615. I would like to SAVE more money (with the help of ebates!) and get healthy!

  616. Nancy Pearse says:

    To save more with Ebates!!

  617. To work around the house more, and get my projects done!

  618. Lorianne Bahn says:

    My goal is to eat healthy foods

  619. Abby Kraynick says:

    To save money & become a SMART shopper!

  620. My resolution is to keep saving with Ebates.

  621. Ellen Ferrari says:

    To actually lose weight this year!

  622. My resolution in the New Year is stop smoking for my daughter’s health!!!

  623. Take all the vacations I’m currently planning

  624. LINDA THOMPSON says:

    Financial security

  625. Buy a house.

  626. to spend more time with friends and family

  627. LINDA THOMPSON says:

    Working on financial security.

  628. Michele Rogers says:

    To keep working on getting better and finally get past panic and anxiety attacks so I can do the things I used to that is my goal. I would use this money to take my family out something I have not been able to do in many years.

  629. Cheyenne Schweikert says:

    Have a successful home birth.

  630. I need to get my financial house in order.

  631. Joanne Robinson says:

    To make healthier choices and be more active

  632. My 2014 goal is to organize & track my purchase savings.

  633. Win a little money!?

  634. I love shopping through Ebates, I have gotten lots of good deals since I joined last year
    My family thought I was crazy and that I couldn’t save any more money then if I went to shop in the store, but when I showed them how easy your Ebates program was, they also started to like this too. So Thank You :>)

  635. Michelle Schulte says:

    I plan on paying off my debt and becoming debt free

  636. marlene mehlenbacher says:

    My goal for 2014 is to get in better shape, doing it not talking about it and to get in better finacial shape.

  637. To stick to our budget and save more money

  638. Ive sort of been on pause, since my husband passed jan 1 . So this year, hopefully I can get it together and figure out how to live

  639. Helping others in need!

  640. Ahkeela Cade says:

    Work on my credit report pay off old depths so I can work towards my own house for me and my children.

  641. Get more organized & pay off debts!!!

  642. Bernice Kalisz says:

    Well for the first time in my life I am 60 I have an apartment on my own. My goal is to do something productive and show my children and grandchildren I am ok on my own they need not worry about me think it is the best I can give them. Thank you for chance.

  643. A new job

  644. Lose weight, get fit and graduate with Master’s degree!

  645. Love Ebates. Your referral bonus offer was awesome.

  646. For someone who has two brain surgeries before the age of 40, a hysterectomy before age 30, and ten other surgeries before age 45. I’ve decided I’m gonna live like I’m dying and gonna fulfill a bucket list. I stopped smoking 4 months ago and now its time to live like I’m 20. I’m gonna make someone else’s dream come true I’m gonna survive.

  647. More quality family time

  648. To have a better year than 2013, and even if it isn’t better, learn from my experiences and help those going through what I have had to.

  649. My goal is to save more money, and I know Ebates will help!

  650. My resolution is to eat healthier and save money for a new house!

  651. chanell owens says:

    to quit smoking so i can be around to see my grandchildren grow up

  652. Save more money and have a baby!

  653. Having my debt free wedding

  654. Colleen Mansmith says:

    My 2014 goal is to save more money! :)

  655. My resolution is to pay down some debt! (The $100 would be a good start!) Good luck everyone!

  656. Eat, live, healthy and be happy :)

  657. Keep up my new exercise routine.

  658. Christina Brown says:

    I would use the money to join a gym and better myself in the new year for me and my family…my child deserves the best from me!

  659. Richard Peterson says:

    New Microwave

  660. Drink more water less diet coke.

  661. To get more sleep!

  662. Love EBates.. won’t shop online without checking them first

  663. Save Money

  664. Adrienne Dew says:

    My 2014 resolutions are to finally get my passport and travel out of the country. But to first pay off one of my student loans.

  665. To be more organized!

  666. working out

  667. marcia kerkau says:

    One of my goals is to go back to school and better my education. I also want to get back into shape after the holidays and start the new year fresh with a brand new me.

  668. Jennifer Nease says:

    my goal is to grow in my etsy business! By focusing on creating art and hunting for those vintage finds my business will grow! I have to set a goal in order to achieve this so, an extra $100 would help me accomplish my goal :) my
    etsy shop is etsy.com/shop/moderncountryshop
    Thank you for giving everyone a chance to flourish in whatever their goals might be!

  669. Cindy Van Kirk says:

    Love Ebates!! Hope to be less stressed in 2014. Husband had open heart surgery last April, so has been a rough year.

  670. Christie Covey says:

    As always to be healthier and lose weight!

  671. Save money

  672. Spread more random acts of kindness throughout the year!

  673. To visit and spend time with my family back home (The Philippines).

  674. Live life without regret!

  675. To put more money in savings, and don’t overdraft!

  676. My resolution is to win $100 cash.

  677. Relax more

  678. To save more money!!

  679. to spend more time with my grand kids

  680. Patricia Garofalo says:

    To lose my cancer weight and make my Afghans to sale

  681. To declutter and organize my house!

  682. To get my house more organized.

  683. Kurt Handley says:

    In 2014 I want to get my house and myself organized!!!

  684. Jason Brewer says:

    Go on vacation with the money i’ve saved this year!

  685. Nicole Van Bochoven says:

    My 2014 resolution is to save more money and purge the stuff I have!

  686. To save more money!

  687. My goal for 2014 is to travel as much as I possibly can. I love to learn new things. I love seeing new place. I love trying new food. I like experience different cultures. I want 2014 to be about bettering myself, so down the road I can help make the world a better place. To some people $100 isn’t a lot but to me that could buy a whole new adventure.

  688. Rita Correale says:

    to be healthier

  689. Christine Hallberg says:

    Live a healthier lifestyle. Life is too short!

  690. My resolution is to be healthy and save money!

  691. To be more of a saver,I am going to try the 52 week challenge:)

  692. Micki Carter says:

    EBATES is the best savings when spending money. Best secret – but it should not be.

  693. Yajaira Reyes says:

    My new years resolution of 2014 is to go to college and get a job , to help my family I’m 20 years old and an extra $100 or anything can help me reach my goal little by little.

  694. More random acts of kindness

  695. LAurie Thompson says:

    Increase sales for my small business

  696. My new years resolution is to volunteer and become an advocate for the homeless.

  697. Elizabeth garcia says:

    To get healthy and save money.

  698. Denisha Peterson says:

    My 2014 resolution is to have a bigger adventure than I did last year.

  699. Work harder and be fitter

  700. Laurel Lowrey says:

    That’s easy, get organized! A place for everything and everything in its place. That’s the plan!

  701. Focus on getting my Invention some
    More traction and sales!

  702. Do more stuff for myself!

  703. I want to get/stay organized even with all the stuff I buy.

  704. This year I resolve to not let things get to me so easily and to take better care of myself :)

  705. My goal for 2014 is to see my daughter graduate from high school, and begin her college career.

  706. Find a full time job!

  707. To save more money

  708. Cheryl Christian says:

    Get healthier and save money.

  709. I would like my family to be healthy and spending more time with my children

  710. to get more sleep!

  711. Spend less time on the computer and more with the people who matter the most – my family.

  712. Make more money!

  713. Cathy Johnson says:

    To move forward with my life and get aome dignity back!


  715. Suzanne Byrne says:

    My health declining over the years has pretty much secluded me. I’ve hidden myself from family, friends and the the world. After some life altering events this year, inc. the death of a sister, that’s affected me and my entire family, my goal for 2014 is to live life again.
    A promising goal. I hope I can achieve it.

  716. Nancy Hannah says:

    Get organized and go back to freelancing.

  717. Remodel living room

  718. jennifer horn says:

    My resolution is to get healthier and save money.

  719. Spend wisely!!

  720. to get out of debt

  721. I want to reduce my overall debt and save more money.

  722. always going through ebates for purchases!

  723. Emily Siepiela says:

    To learn how to knit!!!!

  724. Save more money

  725. I need to get back on the healthier living path.

  726. My resolution is to find happiness within myself.

  727. clean and paint my house

  728. Victoria Taylor says:

    To inspire my daughter to start running with me!

  729. To graduate in 2014, from the health program I got accepted into.

  730. To save on online purchases and earn more Ebates!

  731. Going to try to get out of debt

  732. To workout twice a week for 30 mins

  733. Being a s/w engineer…This year am planning to start up a s/w org and create employment for atleast 3 fresh grads out of college..!! Wish me good luck!

  734. My resolution is to read more and play more with my 7 children instead of worrying so much about how much of my housework gets done!

  735. Joseph Ferguson says:

    To be healthier and smarter

  736. cora Lukehart says:

    I am going to get rid of clutter (so I can make room for new clutter I am sure). So each day I am going to get rid of one thing that I do not use or need. I think it will be easier than trying to lose weight. :)

  737. Maureen Butcher says:

    I am going to begin exercising regularly again.

  738. Jennifer Day says:

    This year I plan to stop putting off purchasing a washer and dryer to replace the ones I bought 23 years ago. I’d like to get a front load washer that is much more energy efficient than my current top loader washer.

  739. New Years Resolution is to tune out electronics when my daughter is with me.

  740. sandy weinstein says:

    my goal is to sell my house, move to fla., sell and clean out things i dont need, to downsize

  741. CHERYL FRANK says:

    I am going to get myself organized so that I can accomplish my goals of paying off debts,
    exercising more, and losing weight.

  742. To have my Rainbow Baby.

  743. To help more people in 2014 than I did in 2013.

  744. Organize my life and lose weight

  745. Stephanie Hope says:

    Stop procrastinating

  746. KerryFickett says:

    Spend money more cautiously!!!!

  747. angela thibeau says:

    I have been a member of Ebates for years and my goal is to tell everyone how great it is! It is a wonderful way to save money while still getting super products from great places! Everyone replies to me that ‘it sounds too good to be true’….but it is true!

  748. Juanita Goddard says:

    I am hoping our house will sell for the full amount of the mortgage. We plan to move near my daughter. I also plan to use eBates more for online ordering.

  749. It felt so good to help those children that were not going to have Christmas this year, I would open an account and dedicate that money to buy Christmas presents for less fortunate children.

  750. debbie walsh says:

    My goal is to become more organized and save money by using more coupons!

  751. Remember to buy through ebates first!

  752. Tammy Barber says:

    quit smoking!!

  753. To relax more and be less stressed.

  754. To not sweat the small stuff and stop worrying so much.

  755. My 2014 goal is to supplement my income from retirement ( Retiring February 28th) by telling more and more people how fabulous Ebates is and having them sign up via friend sharing!!!

  756. Christina Cannon says:

    My goals are to finish losing my baby weight and to start a savings account.

  757. Build my photography business bigger, starting new healthy life and help New York my outreach program with more charity :)

  758. Vicki Jackson says:

    To be a better person and help those who need it and learn how to shop on line more often

  759. To be an instrument to finding a cure for Batten Disease. My son will be healed!!!

  760. sally guenterberg says:

    keep up with the gym I joined in november

  761. Focus more time with friends & family

  762. Love ebates, and I tell all my friends and refer them

  763. Susan Troemel says:

    Work on being healthier for life!

  764. Kimberly Palermo says:

    My goal for the new year is to become more dedicated to appreciating the small things and making an effort to create those special lasting memories for me and my children.

  765. Exercise more and plan my daughter’s wedding.

  766. To exercise 4-5 times a week faithfully.

  767. gloria patterson says:

    my plan is to take life one day at a time. Don;t take the old heart ache in to the year. Move on let it go!

  768. Go on vacation

  769. Like everyone else, lose weight.

  770. To learn how to save my money in a better financial way to be able to help my parents more financially.

  771. My goal is to get organized!

  772. Be more positive.

  773. My 2014 resolution is to get the spare room cleaned out and organized. Hopefully we’re moving in the spring and I refuse to move boxes of things that haven’t been unpacked since we moved here.

  774. I am going to concentrate on the good and forget the bad.

  775. To be healthier and always remember to use ebates when i shop online.

  776. Erin R in Oregon says:

    Home ownership!

  777. My resolution is to kick off my new business and to help organize and finish remodeling upstairs. My business helps people get fit, trim, and looking their best with 100% natural products. Take a look. Go to http://www.marcey.myitworks.com

  778. Rudy Ramirez says:

    Going through with more healthy food and to learn a new language!

  779. Lissette Santiago says:

    My 2014 resolution is to save enough for my daughter’s senior graduation trip to Orlando and to remodel my upstairs bathroom. BTW I Love Ebates A LOT!!! Thanks 0:-)

  780. Jeanette Dau says:

    My goal is to be more active and live a healthier lifestyle. :)

  781. Shelbie Johnston says:

    I need more exercise!! Thats my goal, to walk every day! Happy New Year Ebates!!

  782. sherry kirby says:

    My goal for 2014 is too get healthy and get off this walker! I’m only 37, but I am on a walker now, and I would give anything to get my body back, reclaim my life, and see the world! I’m too young to be old! So my goal is too exercise and get healthy, so that I can lower the risks involved with me getting the surgery I need to fix my back! I’ll need to buy some nice new clothes to show off my bod when all my hard work is done. Maybe this $100 from Ebates could help with that? :)

  783. My 2014 goal is to simplify – stress less – and enjoy life!

  784. get organized

  785. I resolve to de-clutter! Use – sell – donate or trash!

  786. Birdie Skolfield says:

    My goal is to DECLUTTER my life !!!!

  787. crystal moyer says:

    To spend more family time! feel like we have missed so much when my husband was deployed

  788. To have more fun!

  789. To find happiness in my life

  790. Nicole Chouinard says:

    Take better care of myself !

  791. Rose-Ann Clements says:

    My goal is to lose 10 pounds and exercise more!

  792. I want to increase my knowledge of photography by reading and taking online courses.

  793. To win a $100 or more.

  794. Sally Heiser says:

    To get more organized….one room at a time.

  795. Carrie Lisboa says:

    My goal is to continue to be the best mother to my son.

  796. more investing

  797. Quit smoking..

  798. Alison Matalanis says:

    To start exercising aga

  799. Alison Matalanis says:

    To start exercising again!

  800. To save money and travel new places this year.

  801. To be more active, and to be more organized!

  802. Rhonda Lankford says:

    I want my mom home and able to walk and i would like to take a vacation with my friends and kids.

  803. Getting organized and staying that way

  804. Trina Goodwin says:

    To lose weight and to be healthy , i quit smoking a few years ago and the weight piled on , time for it to go ! thanks for the chance to win !!!

  805. To lose weight…not my temper!!

  806. 2014 is my year to go to the gym more often, to eat healthier, and to lose weight!

  807. De-cluttering my house.

  808. Vickie Towne says:

    Not gain the weight back I worked so hard to lose & get out into life more!

  809. Being a kinder, more pleasant person.

  810. To clear out clutter and find a job to move near family.

  811. Sacha Carswell says:

    My 2014 resolution is to be more involved with my family and stay active as well as healthy! Happy New Year everybody!

  812. One more resolution…to increase my finances!

  813. My new years resolution is to buy these items. I want to purchase items I’ve wanted for a while. My wish list. Fishing Pole Pen, A scented memory foam pillow… I don’t have a pillow. A Folding Fish Fillet knife; I like all the outdoors. A new pair of running shoes; I’m a very talented runner in need of some gear.

  814. Trying to put a real effort into connecting with old friends. After losing a couple of lifetime friends in the last 1 1/2 years, I have come to realize that life is short and no guarantees for tomorrow.

  815. To continue my weight loss and exercise more.

  816. Karen Eckert says:

    To take care of myself through healthy eating and exercise.

  817. Brianne Armstrong says:

    Pass all police academy testing and graduate with my second degree!

  818. Save more & use Ebates more!

  819. Going to try to quit smoking

  820. Diane miller says:

    Get rid of some of the things i no longer use

  821. Less screen time!

  822. Jessica Jones says:

    My goal is to become completely debt free.

  823. To make a dent in my credit card debt! Just got a second job to work my way towards my goal.

  824. Esther olivero says:

    I will enjoy my life.

  825. Nancy d smith says:

    I plan on using Ebaates as much as possible to do my online shopping in this coming year. It’s the best site to save money with!

  826. Save more money and shop better!

  827. Get healthy

  828. To make it through my next medical rotations!

  829. Harpreet Takhar says:

    Not procrastinating!

  830. THANK YOU ebates for making my Christmas shopping easy! Surgery got me down Ebates got me through!

  831. Use Ebates every time I Buy Something..Love those Checks…

  832. My resolution or goal for 2014 is to help more people reach their full potential.

  833. brittany wilson says:

    To find peace and happiness and be healthy!!!

  834. I’m downloading the Ebates Cash Back Button soon as I get my new hard drive up and working!!!! Get Cash Back notifications at participating websites.
    No login. No hassle. No more missed Cash Back! Because I’ve been in a hurry and missed out before, my resolution is to never let it happen again ! It really feels bad when that has happened ;( !!

  835. pay off some bills!

  836. Ornanong Chankitja says: